2 mths free for EVERY friend that joins?

I have a specific question regarding the “2 months free for every friend that joins” process. Example: if I refer 5 friends, and all 5 join, do all 5 friends get 25% off their membership fees, AND do I get 10 months free?


Yes, it’s brilliant, we’ve got THS free until May 2028 that way, just give them your referral code to sign up. Also, the same goes for your friends when they join too, if they give others their referral code and they sign up, then your friends get 2 months free, and the person they recommend gets a discount. We love THS, it’s changed out lives.


Thank you, Happy Deb! Wow, good for you with free membership in May 2028! I thought perhaps THS would only allow 2 months off during a membership year. Glad to hear we can accrue the 2 months off and I shall continue trying to refer friends.

@lmhale Be careful if you are inviting lots of people as there is a maximum each year allowed, I can’t remember how many. 12 a year rings a bell though.
Maybe @Carla or @Jenny can confirm?

Yes, I suspected that there could be a maximum hence my forum question. Prior to that, I searched the website and asked our virtual chat bot Frankie, but couldn’t find an answer to my specific question. THS states, “2 free months free for EVERY friend that joins”.

It’s more than 12, I only started in May 2023 and I’ve had around 25 sign up so far, so it’s at least double that, but I have no idea of the actual limit.

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Also, something to bear in mind which is even more fantastic, is that THS extends your membership each time. So even if you only gain 2 months extra in total, THS will extend your membership renewal date by an extra 2 months, rather than you having to sign up for a whole 12 months to get 2 months free benefit. :+1:

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Oh, thats interesting- I didnt think it was that many

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Yes, I have referred 3 people I’ve meet while traveling and received 6 months free from them joining THS. My membership renewal date went from July 2024 to January 2025.


Hi @lmhale @Colin @HappyDeb (well done on your free membership until May 2028!)

As @Carla is offline today, I wanted to confirm that members can accumulate 5 years max at any one time . They can keep topping it up if they continue to refer once those 5 years start to decrease. So really good news all round.


Perhaps someone would like to share a promotional code for joining a membership? Thank you

If it’s not forbidden

I have 2 months free for a referral and my membership is auto-renewing on Aug 6th. However as it stands now, it looks like I’m going to be paying for a regular 12-month membership (no referral discount applied). How and when are the discounts applied if auto-renew is on?


At the bottom of your dashboard should be your refer a friend information.

It will say how many free months you have and also the new extended date that your current membership runs to.

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Hi @lonnajp64
When the RAF code is applied, this is immediate for both parties. Your friend would receive their 25% discount and your membership would automatically be extended by 2 months. As @Colin mentions, look at the RAF block on your dashboard. If you feel something is not correct, please go to our Chat (in this case, ask for a human) so an agent can help you investigate it further.

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I do wish the referral discount was retroactive! My friend joined as a Basic member Pet Parent earlier this year, but failed to include a code from me that would have given me 2 months free and her a discount! She just told me about this and is kicking herself for forgetting about the referral discounts. She now wants to upgrade her membership to the Premium Pet Parent plan. I guess we both lost out on this one.