A big HELLO from your new Community Manager!

Welcome! I look forward to connecting with you and our community!! :smiley:

I’ve really been enjoying reading about everyone’s thoughts and experiences here, @geoff.hom! What a wealth of knowledge shared by everyone.

Thank you @Buns - I see this is your first post here! Welcome to you too! Feel free to pop over to our pet-friendly virtual cafe and say hello!


Welcome Jenny. I think you’re doing a great job here, and Walter is super cute.
I lived in Ayshire for a couple of months a long time ago. :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Jenny!

Black cats are my favourite and Walter looks very handsome - a big hug for him :heart_eyes:

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Thanks so much @andrealovesanimals - this is a great forum and I’ve been really enjoying getting to know everyone!

Same @cat.tails - I love all animals but black cats are my favourite! I gave Walter a big, gentle hug on your behalf and got a deep purr in return, so thank you!

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I love black cats! In future, I’d love to get a female black cat and call her Maria.

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Oh how lovely! Is there a significance to the name, @andrealovesanimals?

It was the name of my grandmother, and she loved cats too :cat2:

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Aw that’s beautiful, @andrealovesanimals! I hope some day you’ll be sharing photos of your Maria with us!

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Hello, we have just joined and live in sanquhar Dumfries and Galloway with our cockerpoo Peggy and 2 cats charlie and fizzy .


Hi @Alic - welcome to the Forum!

You’re not too far away from me then. I love visiting D&G, I often come down for Eden Festival, it’s such a beautiful countryside setting.

If you’re not sure where to start here on the Forum, you could take a look at our virtual cafe where you can blether about anything off-topic.

Take care!