A Couple of Cat Sitters from MD/DC USA

We joined in December and had a wonderful first sit for Sophie in the Philadelphia region. We hope to be able to travel a bit more this year and care for more fur babies up and down the Atlantic coast. My husband is a medical illustrator at NIH and I am a recreation therapist working for a nonprofit. We have 3 rescue cats, ages 1, 4, and 7 and 3 human adult children, ages 18, 22, and 26. Life is good!


Hi @Colleen_Donny Please embed your sitter profile in your Forum handle so we can take a look! :slight_smile:


Hello @Colleen_Donny and welcome to the forum where you are going to find some of the greatest people willing to help you with any questions or concerns you may have along this terrific journey of petsitting. I think you are going to find so many pet parents who are ready to welcome you into their home to care for their most beloved of pets!

I see you are living in the Washington area. Are you wanting to travel the entire coast? If so, I know there are many, many sits needing to be filled on that side of the Country. Have you picked out some favorite “bucket list” locations? If so, please share with us all.

I see you have already linked your member profile to your forum profile as this will give you much added exposure to all our members.

Please make sure you share all your adventures here with us!

Once again, welcome!

Well, it’s odd. When I clicked on the link in their forum name, OUR sitter profile displays, not theirs. How can that be? :thinking:

Hi @KenandMary1998 thank you for flagging, the profile link was in “Preview Mode” it’s now fixed.

That has often happened to me too

Thank you! We are excited to accept a second sit and have applied for two in March but the applications remain unread. No responses after 3-5 days. Is this common? Our first owner replied within 24 hours.
I have a few suggestions which might benefit all.

  1. Owners must acknowledge/read/reply to an application within 24 hours. (“Thank you for applying. We will be interviewing the week of ______(date) and will make a decision by _____. (date).”
    This would assist sitters who might need to rearrange their schedules in preparation for a sit. Both working and retired individuals and even students might need to arrange their pet care, have car readied, mail taken care of, change medical appointments, etc The earlier sitters know, the better it is for all involved.

The simple communication of acknowledging that the sitter application has been received along with the interview dates and decision dates would be immensely helpful! Perhaps the owner has accepted a private sit? Or they are considering you as a back up sitter? (It is OK! Just let the applicant know this).

Hi @Colleen_Donny. There are various reasons why pet parents or sitters don’t reply in a timely manner. Here’s a thread about pet parents’ reply times.

There’s a similar conversation about sitters’ reply times, too.