A Friendly Hello From Northern Virginia!


I’m new to the group, but am excited about joining. As a lifetime east coaster, I’m lookin for forward to house and pet sitting, hopefully out west, perhaps in the Colorado Rockies this summer. I am a soon to be retired financial services compliance officer who LOVES to be outdoors.

Pat McNichol

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Welcome @PatMcNichol61 ! I am in Northern Virginia as well, both a homeowner and housesitter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
All the best to you in your housesitting endeavors out west!

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Welcome, Pat - I split my at home time between DC and Chapel Hill, NC. I started with TH in summer 2019 and but for covid have been fortunate to pick up sits once I had a few reviews. Have completed about 50, including the UK and Korea.
Just returned from 5 sits/6 weeks in the UK, doing 4 US sits over the next 2 months, then back to the UK for 4 sits over 2 months.
You can see pics from my last UK string here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/sd6ehoxvcq276CDb6
Take care.

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