A Survey will be landing in your inbox soon!

I haven’t received the survey either.

@Carla - I emailed support 8 days ago to ask for this survey to be sent. My email was not responded to, and I still have not received the survey. My emal settings are also completely fine.

Nope I never got it and I know for a fact I’m subscribed to all emails

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ditto - I get all the other emails…

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Any updates on a link? I haven’t received a survey via customer service yet after my communication with them last Wednesday morning.

Thank you for your help!

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Thank you for everyones patience around this.

I have not been provided with a link just yet and this might be as the survey was done via a special system to keep it anonymous so I am not sure if there is a link I can share here. But if they send me one then I will post it here!

What I am doing in the meantimes is collecting all of your registered email addresses and sending them to the team.

If your forum email address is not your registered THS one, feel free to DM it :smiling_face:


Sorry to say that I too reached out to MS and it took 3 days for them to eventually tell me they couldn’t re-send the survey and suggested that it must have gone to my spam email
All other THS comms arrive directly into my in box and I’m always careful about checking/deleting from spam so overall very disappointing not to be given the opportunity to see and respond to this survey


Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience :smiling_face:

Here are the links to the surveys:

Owners Survey

Sitters Survey

Combined Survey

Membership Services did not have access to these so apologies these were not sent to anyone who requested it. I have been working with the team to access these to make sure you have the opportunity to complete them. They are hot off the press now!

They will remain open for a limited time (waiting for time to be confirmed) so please complete them ASAP if you want to make sure that you have the opportunity to. As the survey has been extended to make sure I could share these links with the forum.

There is a small caveat that any questions that discuss pricing will only be available to CA, USA, AU, NZ & UK as they are the only currencies in the survey. This may mean that some of you access a slightly shorter survey depending on your location, but please still take part if you would like to.

I’ve only just been made aware of this, I appreciate it is not what you might have been expecting. The team are aware so are looking into a survey that covers other locations in the future. Watch this space I will keep you posted!

Thank you

Carla :slight_smile:

PS Please feel free to tag anyone that you know would like to complete the survey.

When I passed the email on to the team a few members were coming up as ‘unsubscribed’ from emails @Goodboyjakey @carpediem16 @LauraT @sbwade @Enjaybee Please can you reach out to Membership Services to request to be resubscribed if you would like to receive these types of emails in the future. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks Carla for your intervention!

However I clicked on the Sitters Survey, answered the first question about country of residence, then clicked ‘continue’…only to be greeted with a message saying “Thank you for your answers, your time is greatly appreciated. You can close the window now”

When I tried to go back in the browser the message that appeared was “Your survey has already been submitted Thank you”


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The survey questions asked will impact sitters who have a lot of sits in my opinion, making it non viable

Prior to seeing your message, I had contacted Membership Services stating that I had not received a survey. Their message back to me was “initially this matter will be escalated to the team” and (when I followed up) then a final message to say “The survey is being sent randomly to our members so not everyone will be receiving an email.”

It is the last statement by MS that is contradictory and bothers me. According to you, MS did not have access to the survey and MS’ message to me stated the survey was sent to random members.

Why couldn’t MS just state that they didn’t have access to the survey? :thinking:

Thank you @ Carla for sending the links so that those who would like to participate can do so.

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You are very welcome @ofajab :smiling_face: I am sorry that you were unable to answer the survey, I am wondering if there were issues with some members not meeting the criteria location-wise. I was told that some locations would shorten the survey (see my previous comment), but I’m not sure if there was a glitch or issue with some locations!? I will feed this back to the team.

@sharondc That does sound a bit strange and inconsistent. It is true that they did not have access to the survey, but they may have needed to check as I did if they could get it for you which is why they tried to exculate it. I am also wondering if the person you spoke to got a bit confused about which members it went to.

Maybe it was the new information about the location restrictions, which we were just notified about. I will pass this all back to the Membership Services Team for training/feedback purposes as it is important to make sure members get the right help and information when they reach out. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Thanks again Carla. I ticked the ‘resident in New Zealand’ box and the survey promptly ended so I’m not sure how much shorter it could have been ha ha!!

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