A tip to keep our cats happy! 😻

One of my cats loved Casta Diva from Bellini’s opera Norma. You could almost guarantee that he would wake up to listen to it when it came on the radio or CD.


Beautiful. An opera loving kitty. That’s pretty fabulous!


Another of my cats was fascinated by a Libyan ethnic jazz CD I was playing. He sat on the arm of the couch staring at the CD player and you could just imagine him as a cool sleek black cat with his dark shades on!!


The animal shelter I volunteer for plays mellow classical music for the animals.
It’s good for their health! (anything that lowers stress is good.)


How lovely for those animals! :blush:

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Wow! These cats have such varied musical taste don’t they. I love seeing any animal respond well to music. Cockatoos in particular seem to love all types of music and have such great rhythm when they dance.


This one is in particular seems to be a real winner with cats. So soothing and calming. So sweet to watch the effect it has on them. Sound Healing for CATS⎪FULL 1HOUR (Extended Version) - YouTube