A typical housesit?

As brand new housesitters we were wondering what a ‘typical’ sit would be like?

Sit one Fantastic! Beautiful home, adorable cat, lovely HO
Sit two Awful! filthy home ( current) nice cats though
Sit Three Traumatic! Poor old cat passed away so had to cancel
Sit Four Unexpected! Applied, responded, and accepted in 30 mins - cats
Sit Six Relieved! Dog at last!
Sit Five Varied! Chickens and indoor rabbits
Sit six unusual! Houseboat - cats
Sit seven Getting typecast! - more cats

It seems there is no such thing as a typical sit after all …


@Colin after 200+ sits I wholeheartedly support your theory but what I can say is each typically gives back far more than we give …

Each pet is different (pawprints stay on the heart) each human is different (some stay life long friends) each place is different (some I’d return to in a heartbeat, others with a little friendly persuasion and pet “dangling” as in “carrot”)

It’s what makes our journey unique, authentic and never dull.


Definitely no such thing as a typical housesit!

Well done, Colin, on getting so many sits in a short space of time.

I see from reading some of your other posts you are sitting full time?

Just wait until you get the chance to travel further afield – there are some amazing house and pet sits out there.

I have gone from villas with pools, to 40 floors up in a Highrise, to a traditional wooden Joglo house on Bali, occasionally with maid/helper/cleaner, and such a diverse range of pets and locations, it is such a fantastic lifestyle.

Everyone an adventure.


Thanks Peter, Yes -We have been full time travellers for almost a year now and sort of found petsitting by accident and this forum really got me hooked! We have managed to book ourselves up fully until October, after that fingers crossed we hope to go somewhere warmer for the winter.


All are within the reason of a house sitter for sure. We’ve been very lucky (some might say picky :slight_smile: ) and have avoided all but one of your sit #2s in five years, and I suspect ours was a pretty mild version. Doing the work upfront (video conversations, photos, questions, reading between the lines of reviews and postings) should result in many more of the other kinds.


Every experience is unique! That’s part of the adventure. We learn as we go so we learn to decipher and be selective. What questions to ask, what we like and don’t like.
It’s kind of like dating :relaxed:

That’s one of the great things about pet sitting, there is something for everyone. No matter where you want to stay, what animals you want to look after, for how long, in what environment there is always something that will appeal to you.
This summer it’s been old houses in the UK with cats, dogs, chickens and some farm animals. In the winter we are heading to South America to live in a rain forest. Next year??
Who knows.
Loving this life we chose to live


Oooh @ElsieDownie that sounds like great fun. Please do share more. South America is on my calendar as well.
As you say, there is something for everyone!

Was really lucky to get a two month sit in the Panama islands, near Bocas del Torres. We have also a sit in Ecadour lined up for next October. Really excited about them. Hopefully we will get to travel in February and March from Panama to Mexico.
Our aim is to travel from the tip of South America to the Artic Circle. May take years but it’s a goal


That sounds fabulous! So exciting!
I will be in Colombia in January. Please do share pics and tails!
I love the possibilities!