Airbnb Responsibilities & Drop-in House Sits

That’s a very good point!

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That’s utterly horrifying.

And it is distressing that THS made you jump through so many hoops to “prove” yourself and spend your precious time and energy for a resolution.


I mean they had two people telling two stories. Of course they need proof. It could have just as easily been me lying. This was years ago when I had few reviews. I think it’s fair that they did an investigation into what happened. But it’s why I do things in writing vs via phone call so there is always a paper trail. And I take pictures. I was satisfied with how they handled it and once I was able to provide my proof it was wrapped up quickly.


@CreatureCuddler sorry that you had such a nightmare of an experience, especially after flying half way around the world for the sit!

As we’re foreigners who sit in the UK, the following part of your post caught my attention:

« For foreigners, sitting can be a grey area in some countries (though blatantly illegal in some, like the UK).» - CreatureCuddler*

Do you know where I can find additional info? Thanks!

*sorry but I couldn’t figure out how to quote that section of your post while using my phone so I had to do it manually. :blush:

Wow, that’s horrible, both for you and the cat! We’re happy to hear that THS did the right thing and banned the HO.

as a foreigner, you can’t even volunteer at most organizations without it technically breaking the law. There are very stringent requirements. I’ve been pulled into secondary by immigration and questioned and lectured for well over an hour on multiple occasions. Anything that could earn money either for you or a local, would be considered illegal work. So as pet sitting is a paid job for some and, if we weren’t doing it for free, would be a paid job for a local person/company, they would consider it illegal work. I was told by them that even writing a blog post that earns money while I’m there would be considered illegal. The UK is, by far, the most strict country I’ve dealt with in 13+ years of working as a nomad (ETA, I’m from the US, so I don’t have to worry about their working laws when I’m there, though they have harassed me on reentry more than once). As for where to read more, I’m sure it’s detailed somewhere on the UK immigration website.


Yes, it was an extreme situation and THS handled it well and fairly, IMO.

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I do what I want. :scream:
Makes life so much more enjoyable and agreeable.


Just found this ad:
Are these HOs not reading the THS guidelines?
‘All the sitter is required to do is arrive each day at the same time if that is possible, and feed both … and if possible spend a little time with them. The sitter is not required to stay over at the house’.

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Is staying over an option? Maybe they’re just trying to get anyone who can do it at this point so making it more flexible in case a local is interested? Either way I’d send it to admins and let them hash it out with the HO. I think as long as staying over is a possibility it would be OK. But if it’s not a possibility then I think it’s in violation.

Sounds like flexibility is being offered, perhaps ideal for a local person. Some might love this. Yep

It might appeal to a local sitter - someone who may want a quiet environment during the day (to work, write a novel, revise for exams) but doesnt necessarily want to stay over night.

When I originally posted my May dates I said it could be live-in or -out, entirely up to the sitter.

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I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator so that she can give the site guidance regarding drop-in sits. Just to let everyone know we are also getting clarity on the Airbnb guidelines and will report back on.
Many thanks.

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I meant to cover this in my reply too - completely agree. Otherwise it’s not a fair ‘exchange’ - the sitter has use of the home in exchange for taking care of the pet(s).

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Hi @LTD I will dm you for the details of the listing, so we can contact the homeowner.
Just to confirm, our terms and conditions do not allow daily care or drop in visits. There has to be a a minimum of one night stay.
I hope this helps and thank you for bringing it to our attention.
Much appreciated.
Kind regards

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Sometimes the TH accom is also used as airbnb when the HO is around. So that may be mentioned in the description of the sit. I just spent 4 days in a great airbnb space taking care of a JRT and a black lab.


The adv does not specify a minimum of a one night stay.

Thanks for the additional information about the UK. It’s not something I had considered before and is useful to know.


they closed votes on your suggestion… :-/

:angel: :poop:

that is insane. I would LOVE to know if that home is listed on any of the other websites for sitters.