Airbnb Responsibilities & Drop-in House Sits

yeah. i was… let’s just go with unhappy. lol. I haven’t checked but it wouldn’t surprise me since they didn’t seem to think anything they did was wrong.

@CreatureCuddler My hair is curling reading your story :astonished:


I saw a listing this week (in Maine I think) for which the HO said that the upstairs of the home is a “self-contained” Airbnb.

@Therese-Moderator I DMd it to you. @Snowbird FYI

Hello everyone and thank you for contributing to this conversation. We have now heard back from the membership services management team with their feedback:

Thank you for highlighting these listings that mention Airbnb. We do not allow listings where the responsibilities become more like work than lending a hand, and then only when in a separate building to where the sitter is staying. There must not be a breach of the third party ruling in the primary property being offered to the sitter as accommodation. Each case is assessed individually.

We do review all new listings, but at times the listings are updated after being approved and therefore we are unaware of these changes. Although we cannot list every potential scenario in our terms and conditions, we will take action and remove listings when we become aware of them requesting unreasonable additional responsibilities. Being asked to “keep an eye” on a business (including AirBnB) is NOT acceptable. If you do ever spot a listing that seems to be asking for sitters to carry out unreasonable tasks, please email the listing URL to our Membership Services team and they will review and remove where appropriate.

For any specific queries relating to this please do reach out to the membership services team at for advice and help.

Many thanks
Vanessa and the forum team

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Thanks for this @Vanessa-Admin. Could I suggest it is also posted in the Owner Questions, Advice and Chat so owners who are or become members of the forum are aware of this too.

Good idea @temba I will change this category to the owner/sitter exchange so everyone sees in the same area. I will change the title too so it’s easily searchable under “Airbnb”. Thank you!