Hi, joined the forum yesterday and still debating about using Trusted House sitters. Having somebody in the home would be great for the cat. And being in Alaska I think it would be a great opportunity for a person to get to see a part of Alaska (Palmer, Mat-Su Valley), without the cost of a hotel or eating out.
Since it is only one cat there would be a lot of opportunity to get out during the day to sight see. There is enough in the Immediate area to keep a person busy, hiking, history, city life (Anchorage is 40 miles away). And then doing day trips there is Talketna, the starting point for a lot of activities for Denali.
My main dilemma is a person would need transportation and I am not sure about lending out my car. It is barely 2 months old. By mid-April with the right gear a person could take my motorcycle…883 Sportster. It would be great for day trips…I have actually ridden it to Fairbanks (400 mile) but that was a three-night trip. I made many trips to Talketna and then past Anchorage to Portage Glacier. I should not assume a person would not be interested in riding or sightseeing on a motorcycle… I made a dozen trips to Independence Mine, a 25-mile ride, hilly curvy roads with some great scenery and great hiking trails.
Me, single retired and ready to travel for extended periods…thinking a month or so at a time. Might want to do a couple of months in the winter, and also a great time to visit AK…skiing, Northern lights, Fur Rondy festival, The start of the Iditarod, hiking. One very laid-back indoor cat. He is happy sleeping on my bed or the back of the couch. I think I am in a great area, about 7 miles outside of the little town of Palmer. I have a mountain view. 3 Bedroom house so the house sitter would have full use of a bedroom, dresser and empty closet. Maybe water a couple of plants and pick up the mail (could just put that on hold also). I don’t have cable TV. I have a TV but it has not been plugged in for 15 months or so. Good Wifi. Sort of a nice rural Alaska Atmosphere, but city life, is minutes away.


Hi and Welcome to the Forums AKcat :wave:
I actually have several friends that are thinking of becoming sitters on here as well, and one of them said there wasn’t enough Alaska sits, so I have no doubt if you joined and posted your dates, you will be flooded with invites of people wanting to go. I myself would no doubt keep an eye out, as I love Alaska, having lived in Ketchikan, and worked on the Alaska Marine Highway System. Because of that job I got to explore coastal alaska, but have year to go interior at all. So I would highly encourage you to join.

I can understand that concern, and you do not have to include your car in your posting. People like my friends and a lot people on here, don’t have a problem renting a car. However that sounds so exciting to explore Alaska on a motorcycle.

That wouldn’t be an issue at all. There are many people that like the longer sits. Even I know I would be all for it. As for living in Alaska for over 2 years, sailing the Gulf, I have never once seen the northern lights, and something like that would give me better odds. So count me interested.

Should you have any questions with how things works, the forums are a wonderful place here with lot of friendly people that are glad to help. Again Welcome to the forums, and I look forward to chatting with you on here, and seeing where your adventures may lead you.
-Deb :heart:


Hi @AKcat - welcome to the forum.
if you are asking whether or not there will be sitters interested in sitting for you then the answer is almost certainly yes.
There are literally thousands of sitters on the THS site - all different and all looking for different things.
The secret is that when you write your listing be very clear exactly what you are offering and exactly what you are looking for.
If you are remote and do not offer a car that may put off some sitters from other countries but there will be sitters from your country that travel in their own car.
If you have a vacation planned I would advise you to join THS - It is a great concept - you get free pet and home care, The sitter gets free accommodation …but the biggest winner is your pet. They get to stay in the surroundings they know and love and continue to be cared for on a one to one basis as they are whilst you are home
Good Luck!


Yes, there is a lot to think about.
You comment “your pet” has me thinking the most. It really is not my cat. It is my son’s; he is homeless and left the cat with me. I think I may need to turn the situation over to him and let him handle what he wants to do with his cat. I knew I was entering retirement and did not want the responsibility, so I am not sure why I am making his cat sit my problem.

I was pleasantly surprised when I did a search for rental cars in April, and they were still reasonable and available.
Yes, the use of the motorcycle would eliminate the transportation issue. During the winter I would have my car with me as I would be traveling the lower 48. So, a person would have to rent a car, but the rates in winter are fairly cheap due to being a low season for tourism.
Yes, I will have to use the Forum to ask questions as it seems I was silently banished from the FB page.