Albania Holiday

Hi all,

My wife and I are heading to Albania from the UK in June for an 11 night holiday. We are very excited as it’s our first visit and it looks like a beautiful country. We will spend a few days in the capital and then rent a car to drive to other locations.

Has anyone visited before? Any tips? I noticed on TH I don’t think there are any HO in the country.

:slight_smile: Thanks, Emma

Hi Emma (@UKSitter) - Albania has been on our list for some time… we were going to drive the van there had the pandemic not been so prolonged, so this adventure is yet to materialize, and I’ll be watching this thread with interest.

Bloggers, Goats on the Road and Chasing the Donkey have some good blogs while we wait for our members to hopefully share their travel stories!


Thanks very much Vanessa, very useful links! I hope you can make it there soon


Hello @UKSitter I spent some time in Albania 10 years ago. Loved it. Here are some of my impressions :


I really enjoyed albania. beautiful country and friendly people relative to the part of the world. it helps that they LOVE people from the US. :slight_smile: if they are still doing the free historical walking tour in tirana, i definitely recommend it. i learned a ton and the guide was great. learning about history that happened while I was alive is always interesting.

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Thanks very much everyone! Really useful links. I will keep you posted on our trip :smiley:

have you watched the promo videos that jim belushi did? he’s of albanian descent and narrated some videos highlighting the beauty and diversity of the country. they’re worth a google if you’ve not already watched.

Ooo no I haven’t, I will take a look!

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Never been to Albania, it’s high on my list of places I hope to visit someday. Not sure what parts of the country you’ll be exploring with the car but this restaurant Mrizi i Zanave is supposed to be incredible if you are close!