All Pets Not In Listing/Foster pets

I tried to search for this topic before posting, but didn’t see anything. This week I have come across 2 situations where the owners are not listing all the pets. We applied for a sit for 1 dog & she mentioned she had 2 foster dogs also. Having more pets (since there’s 2 of us) is not a big deal it’s just the fact that they are not posted in the listing. Another one was they have a puppy which is so cute :purple_heart:, but again it wasn’t added. Are there rules about this for the site?


Hello @Starryeyed1 Wishing you a very warm welcome to the community and thank you for starting a topic.

This is a great question for members of the platform and a gentle reminder to make sure that your listing is up to date. It can be super exciting to get a new pet and updating the listing may slip the new pet parent’s minds.

The Pet Parent agrees to the following in the Code of Conduct:

I will create a comprehensive and accurate home and pet owner listing,
including photos and clear information about what I expect from a sitter,
detailed information about my pet(s) and ensure this is kept up-to-date.

There is also a line in the T&C’s:

5.2.12 1. not have any pets which aren’t explicitly listed in the details of the Home Listing;

In regards to caring for foster pets (I have been a foster mum myself) normally there is a clause with most rescues when fostering that the pets can not be cared for by a third party.

We also have a clause in our T&C’s that the site is for domestic use only and can not be used for other businesses or organisations (this covers rescues/fostering).

This is not because we do not champion fosters, it is such a worthy cause, as mentioned previous foster mummy here! But normally fosters are in the process of settling and decompressing and they may find it too hard to adapt to someone new so soon and who can blame them.

This post is a great reminder and if members are thinking of adding to their family going through adoption etc, please remember to add their new pet to their listing and importantly make sure their new family member is settled, happy and familiar with everything about their new life before handing their care over to a sitter.

If any members come across these listings please reach out to Membership Services so they can help the owner make sure their listing is up to date. You can do this at

@Starryeyed1 Membership Services will be in touch and thank you for opening a great educational topic on the forum :grin:


Thank you for clarifying! We canceled the apps today for 2 of their sits. It was originally for one dog then she told us about the foster dogs so then 3 dogs then she said she was going to take the original dog with them leaving us with the 2 foster dogs. it was getting too complicated & that’s not something we need to deal with right now. We love foster dogs, we would prefer to pick that situation!

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It seems like the owner may be new or unaware and is trying to do the best for their foster pets. Membership Sevices will be more than happy to guide them.
You definitely need to feel comfortable with the sits that you are taking on and I am sure that you will find some more amazing sits soon!

I had 1 surprise animal. Sit was for 2 cats and a dog. When I arrived the HO told me there was a snake too and that a friend would make arrangements to come by once to feed the snake, a small ball python (defrost a mouse and put it in the aquarium). I said I was happy to do it and could add another species to my sit list. The snake was kept in the office with the door closed to keep the dog and cats from bothering it so I didn’t need to even see it unless I wanted to.


@toml you are better than me as I would not have been able to defrost a mouse and feed it to a snake. I guess snakes are my biggest fear even though I am trying really hard to get over that one…too old to make much of a change though. LOL

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Sometimes I see listings indicating 1 pet icon, but then the photos would show 2 or more pets. Then I comb through the listing to ascertain what the situation is. Sometimes there is no explanation. I usually tend to skip those listings, as I prefer accurate photos and listings.


Re: snakes

Not too long ago I sat ( not THS) For a friend of a friend. She has joined THS and created a listing mentining she as well had a small ball python in addition to kitty and 4 birds. Anyway, apparently THS denied her listing due to the fact she had a snake. Is this a policy not to accept snakes? Just curious. She was friends with a friend of mine so I sat for her privately, although I didn’t need to feed the snake.


@Catgoddess_99 Good questions! I think we are definitely a snake-loving community, however, to safeguard our sitters and the pets themselves there are a few restrictions on some types of pets.

Here is the T&C’s excerpt:

5.1.12 not have any inherently dangerous pets (such as venomous snakes or constrictors, primates, wolves or wolf hybrids, non-domesticated cats, alligators), or any animal with a history of attacks on pets or people;

It is great that you got to sit for her and I am sure there are more specialist options out there for different types of pets, keeping everyone safe and happy.


A few years back I was considering a house sit in Australia but there were no pictures of the bedroom etc. and owner seemed to take offence when i queried this and did not provide. I then discovered that I was expected to also look after a horse not in the listing, only a dog. I am quite happy with horses, however this one was quite a drive away, about half an hour or so. I believe I would have been provided with a vehicle. In the end I decided against it as so many uncertainties. A flight from Uk is not cheap, so a huge gamble, when barely knew anything regarding accommodation and then the commitment of long daily drives to a horse not listed in the listing.


It happened to me, but with one rabbit and several fish added. I think all the pets should be included. I had never cared for rabbits or fish and that was quite awkward for me. But the rabbit was a very lovable creature and none of the fish died.

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I was invited once to dog sit and in a later conversation the owner mentioned that there was a cat too. The listing just mentioned the dog. They wrote about the cat like it wasn’t very important (comes and goes, etc). That didn’t give the right vibes (cats deserve love the same as dogs, after all!) and I felt uneasy about the whole thing, and didn’t accept.

I have had this happen a few ways!

  • the sit was booked and then they acquired a 2nd cat. they asked if it would be a problem, i said no big deal.
  • The sit was booked where I thought there would be three dogs, but they took the little one with them. No big deal.
  • the one I’m on right now, there were two dogs in listing, as well as two cats, but one of the dogs passed, in between agreement and sit. Awful news, but that’s how it goes.

However, if someone sprang extra animals, or a variety of animal that I’m not ok with, THAT WOULD BE A BIG DEAL. My orinthophobia, arachnophobia and entomophobia don’t care whether the critter is the food or must be given food, ain’t gonna happen!

I get your point and it is always good to trust your gut feeling!
However, I think, there are cats, which really live most of the time outdoor and just come inside to get food. Maybe this was the case here, too? I would not automatically assume that they don´t care for the cat, based on the given information. :blush: