All sits showing 0-3 applicants

Is it just me or is everyone getting the same thing…?

Every sit I look at is showing the same thing.

We all know the website is extremely clunky, but surely this has been picked up by the webmaster.

Good morning @TheSaint and that sounds a little odd if that’s the case, so I will tag @Therese-Moderator and she will be able to check this with the tech team.

@TheSaint I will email you directly from membership services so we can communicate this way. Kind regards Therese


No I’ve seen 4-7 for some listings @TheSaint

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I have just been searching and there are plenty of sits with more than 3 applications shown


You have probably been looking at brand-new ads only. If you look at some older ones, especially in capital cities such as London or Rome, you will find the ones with many applicants competing for the sits. Recently I stumbled across an ad with more than 21 sitter applications on the Portuguese Algarve coast. Generally, tourist hot-spots are most wanted, while rural areas far away from airports attract the least applications.

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I saw some sits last night with 4-7 applicants.

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I’ve just searched worldwide for random sits.
Of around 30-35 searches, only one showed any applicants.
I searched for the Algarve, it was the only one that showed any applicants, between 4-7…

Luckily for everyone concerned, most hosts choose quickly among the first applicants who contact them, and then close their ad. What would be the purpose of having 20 or more applications and communicating forth and back with so many people? Usually, almost any applicant will be suitable, and some hosts will indeed book the very first applicant.
If you see lots of applicants in an ad it is probably only because the advertiser has forgotten about the ad or does not know how to close it or is getting all the emails into his spam folder or not at all - in short, if you see more than 5 or 10 applicants you can assume that something is wrong on the side of the advertiser.

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Recently we applied for a sit where initially the counter was displaying 0-3, two days later there were 8-11 applicants. On the third day the home owner messaged us that they will be conducting video chat interviews and interviewing one candidate per day. We were offered the number 2 spot for interviewing which we politely declined and canceled our application. It is been 2 weeks now and the HO has still not picked a sitter. In those cases we have learned that some HOs would like to really take their time, get to know people and use the opportunity to socialize. Once we fell for that trap, but now we tend to quickly recognize when there is going to be a popularity contest.


Romana, thank’s for your help. We’ve been THS members for many years now and understand about looking at new sits and how it works.

But I think you’re missing my point.

It’s clear to me that the overwhelming majority of sits I’m looking at have 0-3 applicants.

I’m pointing this out so that the people responsible can look at the problem.

They already have lot of work on to improve the site, it’ll just be one more thing to do.

@The Saint, I found the sit on the Algarve for you which I referred to, see below. It has been meanwhile closed (that’s why you can’t find it) - after reaching 41-50 applicants! I guess you need to change something in your computer settings, as it seems that only you have this problem. It is not a general problem of the THS website.

Cat Lovers Welcome
Lagos, Portugal



Home & pet owner

Sitter needed:

04 Mar2022 - 16 Mar2022
41-50 applicants