Aloha Kakahiaka and Good Morning Y'all

Hey there, my name is Matthew and I am originally from central Pennsylvania and currently live on Maui (09/22). I grew up in a rural area and spent the 2nd half of my childhood living on a farm that had been in my dad’s family for many years. My parents have been married since December of 1975 and I have two sisters, both married, and 5 nephews/nieces, one of which is an adult now.

Growing up, I was often tasked with taking care of the yard, garage, and animals, as my dad spent many hours working at the accounting firm he started shortly after I was born. As a boy, I had a beagle named “Skippy” whom I tended to and played with for several years before he ran away from home with another dog. When I was a teen, we had around a dozen llamas on the farm, two goats, a duck, five cats, and 4 dogs. Dogs that I remember include a German Shorthair named Conrad, a Yellow Lab named Casey, a German Shepherd named Cody, and Black Lab/Dalmatian Mix named Perrier. During my senior year of college and for the years after graduating, I owned a brindle Boxer named Dylan. Several years after Dylan died my mom bought me a Boxer named Tucker and I am currently not a dog owner.

I have held many different positions since graduating from a university in Virginia. In addition to working at nearly 20 different restaurants, I had one position caring for the grounds of a golf course and another working in landscaping at a respected landscaping company in Harrisburg, PA.

I have lived and worked in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, California, Montana, Hawaii, New York, and Florida, and have spent time in Costa Rica, India, Fiji, Australia, Jamaica, and Canada. English is my first language and my Spanish is conversational. My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life and wherever I go, I hope to find a decent church and a 24-hour gym. I enjoy working out, reading God’s Word, reading books, journaling, writing, singing, drawing with colored pencils, playing sports, cooking, wine tasting, and trying new foods. My favorite vehicles to drive or ride in are pickup trucks and German luxury cars with big backseats.

I am 41, I don’t use drugs or smoke or sleep around. I am currently single, and I rarely drink alcohol. I would enjoy hearing from you, and, if the fit is right, possibly care for your home when you need someone to be there while you’re out of town.

Hi @Matthew2312 and welcome to the Forum! You are going to meet some great folks here as well as get answers to many questions you might have about sitting! And I guarantee your location is going to generate lots and lots of interest in finding out more about where you are living!

I see you have not joined TrustedHousesitters yet and if there is anything we can do to assist you with joining, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help. TrustedHousesitters is an amazing organization filled with both sitters and pet parents who want to join forces and help make all our furry friends happy, safe and content in the own homes.

We certainly hope you decide to join, but once again, thanks for joining the forum….it’s a great start to becoming a member of our family of pet lovers!

Have a wonderful day!


Welcome Matthew,

Was in Harper’s Ferry WV and now helping out a repeat sit in Charlottesville, VA. You’ve got a great community in Virginia and have found an extension of that here in the forums.

Best of luck.