Am I able to go 'live' before references added?

I am excited to begin but don’t have the references added yet. While I wait for F&F to do their part, can I make my profile LIVE?

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Welcome @cdef01
Yes of course. You can edit your profile at anytime. Of course adding references will help you get your first sit.

If you decide to go live and then apply for a sit, you can always explain in your application that you are waiting for refrences and can say that you are more than willing to provide references.

THS has been inconsistent on this. Sometimes, new members have been able to post their sitter profiles before getting references, but sometimes not. I say that, because some folks have posted in the forum that they couldn’t post their profiles yet (sounded like there was a technical blocker activated by THS). And yet from personal experience, I know that I’ve never provided references and was able to post my profile without them.

Best to ask THS if you’re not able to. They might be changing policies at any given time.

Membership services is at

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I did that also. Went live and explained waiting for external references.