Any goals for your 2024 sits?

Hello there, I live in Essex and would suggest the following places nearby to Harwich that are lovely places to sit or visit. All reachable by public transport.

Felixstowe, Colchester (Roman Town), Braintree, Chelmsford, Ipswich and a little further afield, Southwold.

Stansted Airport has lots of buses and trains running to and from it.

The train line from Harwich is Greater Anglia.

The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk are easily reachable from Essex. Norfolk is a beautiful county.

I would keep a close watch on the trains as we do have a lot of train strikes in the UK. The Greater Anglia website is usually very up to date.

Happy travels.


Have you read Salt Path @Silversitters? Probably but if not, then worth it if you’re doing that walk. Brilliant idea :raised_hands:t3:


We’d like to go to Montenegro, Albania and Georgia for sits in 2024 @Maggie8K - less long haul this year, all fascinating and a bit “off the track” plus no visa hassle for our Turkish :tr: passport :rofl::star:


That sounds really appealing, @Cuttlefish.

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@Catgoddess_99 . I am not far from Toronto and go there most weeks. Fancy a meetup?

We love Montenegro @Cuttlefish It’s so stunningly beautiful :heart:

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Yes it’s gorgeous, have sailed around it but never house sat :heart::rofl: @Samox24 #newyearnewadventure :raised_hands:t3:

@Globetrotter We just sat for almost a month in Bray. It sounds like they make regular trips and need sitters. Just a short ride to Dublin on DART!

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Thank you for your suggestions! It is an area where I have never been. Maybe I will cycle along the coast and meet @Silversitters when they are walking :slight_smile:

I intend to spend the spring in England, three months or so. I like the Roman stuff (I lived for a few months near Chester, I also would like to see Bath again). Getting around by bicycle, sometimes taking it on the train to the next sit, I am looking forward to it!


I’d love to meet up when I get there. I arrive on January 17, I’ll be at an airbnb until the 19th before i begin first sit on the east end. Then another gap from February 6-11, so might go to Niagara Falls before i begin second sit on the 12-26 in Islington. Let’s arrange a day.

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I have an Aussie friend with a Belgian Malinois named Boo and a Belgian Shepherd nsmed Phoenix.


I was in Montenegro fall of 2012, nonsit travel/cruise adventure. Absolutely loved it. We were only in Kotor and I’d love to see some of tbeir national parks.


Montenegro was amazing, I was there in 2012 ! The Bay of Kotor was exquisite.


We’re booked through mid July but we’re really looking for sits in Italy. My wife is working on her dual citizenship and we may move there so we’d love to check out as much of it as we can. We’ve been there twice as tourists in the tourist hot spots and had one sit near Genoa. We want to check out the southern part and Sicily.
If we can’t get then, our second is the Scandinavian countries.


I’d love to get sits in Europe, they get booked up so quickly :crossed_fingers:

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An American friend was able to get a visa to move to Italy, because she’s an employed digital nomad. I mention that, because it’s a relatively new visa and some other folks might want to pursue such.

I’ll be staying with her and maybe sitting her pet when she travels.


Bray is a lovely place! We sat for the same couple twice now close to the city centre but that was pre COVID but I’m hoping to find something in the summer.

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I’ll be back in the UK mid March. It would be good to meet up if possible

2024 is my year to be free and travel, meeting new people and pets, exploring new adventures all over the world. I have let go of my apartment and things, and hope to pet sit throughout the year. I love animals and our planet. I prefer warm places, and can’t actually pin point one breed of animal I prefer. I enjoy them all.
I am new here and can’t wait to get started in February.


Hello @DianetheAdventurer and welcome to the Forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you have a fabulous year ahead with lots of pet filled adventures and looking forward to hearing about all your travels! :earth_africa::blush:

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