Anyone else love tomatoes?

Well, I only planted two small tomato plants this year but they have taken over. I have given away as many as I have kept and am eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just pulled ten off a little while ago and there are at least that many more that will be ready tomorrow!

Any new ideas on how to cook them? I make tomato pie, tomato sauce, lots of sandwiches and salads. HELPPPP!!!



You can freeze them and use them in sauces later if have too many. Either as the are or blanch them first.

@Debbie-L I’ve never had tomato pie! Sorry no advice here other than you must have very green fingers for tomatoes :tomato: :green_salad: :yum:

-Relish / chutney!
-Tomato soup
-I would just chop and boil them down a bit, and then freeze several 1-2 cup portions for a handy homemade ‘tin of tomatoes’ when you need it for cooking.


Hi @Debbie-L! I keep finding new appreciation for tomatoes. I hated them as a kid, and now I’ll eat them plain. Plus they’re very, very healthy. And diverse. And they have that umami flavor without needing meat.

As for ideas, I like sun-dried tomatoes. I agree with @Danandnan that you can always freeze them. And you can google for a zillion uses/recipes for tomatoes.

Homemade ketchup? :grin:

Host your own murder-mystery dinner theater? :joy:

I used to cut out the white core where it used to attach to the stem and just freeze them. Then later when I was making chili, I would use all the tomatoes

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Hi @Debbie-L I think these 83 Tomato recipes might keep you busy :wink:

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Not a recipe — an idea in case you might find it handy: Prolific gardeners we know regularly donate to food banks.

There also was a gardener in one of our neighborhoods who was so good at gardening that they built a little shelf and roof into their fence line and left surplus vegetables out for neighbors to take. I discovered it while walking my dog.


Make passata to use in Italian dishes like bolognaise or in casseroles

Have your own LA TOMATINA festival August 30th

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