Quick meal recipes

My hubby loves shepherd :pie:
Any quick recipes in mind.

Someone had a recipe for stuffed peppers.
Can’t find it now

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Has anyone seen the recipe on here
Or has the link
Thank you

I did a search on the forum and this is the closest that I could find. Not sure if this what you want. It as posted by Sampson
InTexas we serve “Poppers:”

  1. cut a Jalapeño pepper in half,
  2. remove the seeds,
  3. stuff the pepper with cream cheese, and
  4. wrap pepper halves in bacon.
  5. bake until bacon is desired crispiness and serve
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Thats it.
Thank you so much for taking the time to look for it.
Wanted to try and make it this week.
New year new start.
Less red meat in my diet.
Any recipes that our handy to make on sits .
Would be appreciated.


We can recommend a lot of veggie recipes if you are interested @Windtalker .

Our favourite sites are:

Delicious recipes with a lot of veggie options (lots of halloumi dishes)https://www.mobkitchen.co.uk/
Really good veggie food - https://www.bosh.tv/recipes/main-dishes
Super cheap veggie recipes - https://cookingonabootstrap.com/

Would 100% recommend the Mob Kitchen Peanut Halloumi Curry -https://www.mobkitchen.co.uk/recipes/halloumi-peanut-curry


Thank you.
Will enjoy having a look at them


Thank you so much its brillant
Mob kitchen is fantastic

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