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Hello there,
Here is my favorite recipe when I do house-sit with hens.
Hens means eggs. Can be lots of eggs avery day.
Here is a recipe from West of France that uses 7 eggs : Gateau breton. Means Cake from Brittany.
This cake can be kept for weeks or month in a simple paper bag.
It is even better to way for at least a week before eating it. If you can !!

Gateau Breton
500 g (18 ounces) of wheat flour (plain with NO raising agent)
6 egg yolk + 1 for the topping
300 g (10 ounces) of sugar
300 g (10 ounce) of COLD salt butter

Mix together flour + sugar.
Add 6 egg yolk. Stir as much as you can (it doesn’t mix very well : it is normal).
Now the secret of this cake : use very COLD butter.
Cut the butter in small cubes shape and add it to the mixing.
Rub in you fingers every sigle cube of butter with the mixing : at the end you have only crumbles.
If the butter becomes to soft : put the bowl in the fridge for 20 mn and go back tone it’s cold.
When all the butter is rubbed : you dough is ready.
Take a round mould size 8 inches (or any mould you find in the house !) and put some grass paper around.
Squeeze the crumble in. Use your finger to tamp it. Make it as flat as you can.
Take the last yolk in a cup and use a brush to spread it on the surface of the cake.
With the top of a fork draw lines on the egg topping.
Bake for 40 mn at 180 ° (at home I use the top flor of the baking oven of my aga).
Leave it to cold in the tin.
Wait as long as you can before eating it !

I often leave one of these cakes to my OH when they have hens. With a note saying they can keep it for very long. The longest you keep it, the better it tastes.

Bon appétit !
PS : of course, it only use yolks. You HAVE to make a chocolate mousse to eat with !
@Vanessa-Admin : I hope you’ll enjoy it ! If I made mistakes can you please correct it ? Thanks


Thank-you for sharing this Francoise!! I will be making this at the weekend … but wait a week to eat it!!! (Not sure that’s possible … but we will try!!)… I imagine a dark choc mousse would be the perfect partner! I just love the foodie possibilities from living here :heart:


My go to Lentil Soup recipe for owners returning.

I onion chopped
1 med carrot, diced
2 celery sticks diced
2 large garlic cloves crushed - to taste
Finely chopped red chilli to taste
I can chopped tomatoes
1.5 cups of red lentils
1 tablespoon tomato paste
Veg or chicken stock

To taste:
Smoked Paprika

Heat 2 tbsp of olive oil in a large stock pan

Sauté onion, garlic & chilli until translucent

Add spices & tomato paste cook for 5 mins stirring frequently

Add remaining vegetables sauté, turn down heat, cover and let sweat for about 10 mins

Add lentils, toms & Stock

Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer until cooked … taste and adjust seasoning.

Optional add a can of chick peas

Optional: increase spices … when making as a Welcome Home dish I adjust to the owner’s taste, how do I know? A spice rack full of pungent spices they like heat, otherwise keep mild and flavourful

Serve with crusty bread - enjoy


Thank you for sharing your recipe the cake looks delicious & I want a slice now lol :grinning:


Thank you @Crazydoglady !
We never know we may have a chance to meet, if so I bake one for you ! (specially if you are a HO with hens ?!! :innocent:)

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@Angela-CommunityManager : Soup is definitely a good idea as a meal for HO return !
Next week I’ll do a cold soup (I hope nice weather !) for my HO.


Lol unfortunately I’m not a HO with hens
but I will take your recipe with me the next time I do a Petsit with hens :grinning:


I’m on my first sit since the pandemic, sharing a home with Scarlett, an English Setter. After reading here about making dog biscuits, I made some before arriving. A simple recipe (DIY 3-Ingredient Vegan Dog Treats - The Plant Philosophy) of just three ingredients - what could go wrong? Well, let’s just say it was one of those baking days :roll_eyes: I didn’t have a fancy cookie cutter, and the mixture was way too wet to roll out, so I improvised by making drop cookies. If you look at the photo in the recipe, there’s no comparison. However, I chose to take them with me and tell the homeowner the whole tale.

It turns out that she laughs that Scarlett would be vegetarian by choice :rofl: My only problem is that after three days of using pieces of my cookies, I then went to use one of her regular ones. No way, she would not eat her normal treats, and instead moved to where I stored the ones I made. I also use pieces of them to implant her pill that she takes daily and she has not figured that out yet.

I’ve emailed the recipe to the homeowner, with apologies for the work I’ve now created. The homeowner is happy and is looking forward to baking them. All is good and Scarlett is happy.


@Snowbird :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: !!!

No better proof that these biscuits are delicious ! Even though there are not paw of bone shape ! I must say I love these bone and pawn mould, didn’t know it could exist but now I know I am desperate to find one of course !!!