App problems again

I’m having problems getting to my dashboard from the THS app can someone help please as I need to request a review of a recent sit

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I just tried deleting the app and then reloading it but it didn’t make any difference to the controls at the bottom. I was hoping that might fix issues but no luck.

I do get that heart too but it pulses and then usually - but not always - the search screen appears. You may want to try deleting the app and reloading it. It’s a start anyway.

Thanks Snowbird
I will try that

Just to confirm, I do have an iPhone, not an Android.

For months, if not a couple of years, I find that when I use the app I cannot get the dashboard to load. I have to go to the website to see it. The second problem is I cannot see any reviews about me later written after January 2020, but I can see them on the website. I messaged THS about this and they claim they can see all my reviews on the app. Very strange and a bit frustrating.

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