App vs Website Differences

Yeah, there is no Forum app, yet, and there is no access to the forum from the regular THS app (as far as I know). I suspect they are accessing both the Forum and THS from a browser on their devices.

You must be right - sorry for the confusion. I have so many gadgets :-). But @mars has cleared up the problem as well. Now I know why I couldn’t log in on whatever device I had in my hand at the time :slight_smile:


Hi Barb,
FYI I have the THS forum app on android Galaxy S9+. It sits next to the THS main app on my home screen :smiley:

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Wow, that’s interesting! It’s not available for iPhone I guess. Does it specifically say forum when you downloaded it from Google Play?

Actually I just searched for it and can’t find it there either.

I’m not quite sure how androids work, but I’m wondering if what you actually have there is a shortcut link to the forum on a browser?

Maybe one of the admin can chime in and let me know. If there is indeed a forum app, I will edit my initial post. Thanks!

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Hi there… there isn’t a specific app for the forum, you can as you say add a shortcut to the forum from the browser version. And at the top right if you click on the 3 horizontal lines, you have option to view in desktop or mobile view (mobile is obviously better in this case).

You can also download the Discourse App which is the program hosting our forum. That allows you to manage and view any forums you are members of that run on the Discourse platform. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Here it is in my play store in Germany. A Europe/USA licence thing possibly? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Did you first download the Discourse app to access this?

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No I did not. But now you have me second guessing what I actually did do as I can’t find it on my husband’s Android phone play store.

Your hubby must be a techie genius as I can’t replicate what you’ve done either :joy: I’m using the discourse app now but it doesn’t show a THS logo. Intrigued!! Edit… It’s you that’s the genius!! Sorry!!

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Isn’t that just the regular THS app? It doesn’t mention forum?

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Yes it is. Sorry Barb I got ahead of myself in the excitement!

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I’ll take genius Vanessa even if I have no recollection how I did it! Although I would swear it was the app store :woman_shrugging:t2:
When I tap the icon I get this white logo screen and then the normal forum home page.
Maybe your tech folk can figure it out :smiley:

It definitely was downloaded from the app store. I found it in the app info :smiley:

But if you look at the bottom of that image, it says you are in Chrome, no?

Yes it does say that as the ‘name’ or ‘address’ of the screen shot. But when I looked in the ‘about info’ of my app it says version 6 downloaded from Play store.
One moment I will bore you with yet another screen shot…

I agree, that looks pretty legit then!

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So pleased I found it. I was beginning to doubt my sanity.

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The only thing I can figure is that it’s an app in development and you have managed developer’s access. I have that for a few apps I’ve used in Beta mode.

Either that, or it’s still just a link to browser version, and it just looks like an app. LOL…


Or it’s just computer gremlins. @Julia they get into my devices all the time just to mess with my mind and have me doubt myself :roll_eyes: