App vs Website Differences

That’s really funny @Snowbird. Before I retired I often taught people who were convinced that their computers were plotting to overthrow them :sweat_smile:

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Could be either tbh. But it looks like an app and acts like one and I can’t find it in the play store any more so I’m keeping it.
Whilst I can’t really remember specifically downloading it i do remember feeling the need for an app because using the web interface on my phone was… let’s say less than straightforward. Whatever issues the developers might have encountered at the back end that caused them to remove it from the play store, from my end it does exactly what it says on the tin and I’m happy :grin:

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Ditto. I can access the Forum and the THS website in browser on my iPad, but not on my iPhone. Nothing works to make it work.

I have the forum bookmarked on Safari on my iPhone. It works fine.


That works for me too.

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exactly right.

HI @GeorgeSD welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining in the conversation and we hope to see more of you. Have a great weekend.

Angela and the Team

Hi. I’m a little late to this party, but don’t think this point has been mentioned.

  • On the website - ‘save’ searches - original on listing is black-outline-heart on white background - changes to a red heart - a clear & noticeable difference, IMHO

  • On the app - ‘favourite’ searches - original is black-outlined-heart against HO’s main photo (variable visibility, depending on colours in photo) - changes to white heart - difficult to notice, and somewhat of an opposite meaning to a white heart on the website

@Ben-Product can we get some uniformity in terminology and colour choices please?

Thanks, I tried to add that to the list above but I can’t edit any more…

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Sorry about that @Kelownagurl … I think Discourse has a settings limit on the number of times someone can edit an original post so that the topic doesn’t get changed too radically over time. I’ll check and let you know. UPDATE: the levels are set high so you should be able to still edit. Try again tomorrow as it is based on a per day rate limit :slight_smile:


Thanks @Snowbird agree we need to streamline this and thanks for flagging.

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Thanks, I think it’s because the original is an older post. I think there’s a time limit on editing.


30 days is the limit :frowning:

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You can remove inactive members from your inbox in the app, but not on the website.
Press/hold/tap on the member name you wish to move to Archive, and the option to move comes up. “ok” to confirm.


Thanks for this tip, Petermac. It was bugging me, having all those msgs from inactive members in my inbox.

How do you know that a member is inactive? Just being curious.

Their name isn’t “clickable”, at least not in the case of sitters.

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Ahhh, thank you :pray:t3:
I haven’t progressed that far yet :wink:

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I think I’ve asked this before (maybe not on the forum), but nothing has changed. Currently references are in chronological order, which means my first ones showing are from 2014 and someone has to go to page 8 before they see my most recent ones. I do have lots of reviews, but references also add value, with the more recents ones being more relevant. Please consider displaying references in reverse chronological order, as is the case with reviews. Thanks. @Ben-Product


It’s the opposite when I look at our references. Our most recent sit references are at the top.