Are You A Community Member Currently In Europe?

Hi Everyone …

We would love to hear from any Forum Members sitters and owners currently located in Mainland Europe who would be happy to share their pet and housesitting lifestyle stories, new or experienced we really would like to hear from you.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please Direct Message Vanessa, myself or any of the Admins.

Thank you …


Hi Angela

I am happy to share our pet sitting story



Hi Angela,

Thanks for reaching out to community members in Europe!

Because other members may have the same questions that I do, I thought I’d ask them here rather than in a DM:

*Would we share the stories orally or in writing?
*Are the stories for publication in the newsletter or to gather information for THS’ operations in Europe?

Thanks again for reaching out to European members. Sometimes I feel like an outlier on the forum because I’m not in the UK or USA.


Is UK considered to be IN Europe? :thinking:

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Hi @Mary-Kay thank you, apologies for the delay in responding to your message only I’m in a different time zone and my day is just beginning … although it’s still very early, for me especially :blush:

Our community are the best advocates for our Trustedhousesitters lifestyle and have wonderful stories to share that can inspire others, whether across our own channels or external sources, pet and house sitting is such a unique lifestyle and gaining more and more interest among pet loving travelers.

When we have requests from our team or external sources we look to find members who are happy to share publicly and sometimes the request has little lead time.

We already have many great stories from members willing to share but we can never have too many and always looking for new ones, on this occasion we are reaching out to our members based in Europe, specifically France & Spain.

I hope that answers your questions.


Many thanks for answering my questions @Angela! I hope that you at least had time for a cup of coffee or tea before logging onto the forum this morning. :grinning:

I’m happy that one of your target countries is France. As it borders Switzerland, we’re always looking for sits there.

Thanks again!

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Hello Angela, past summer I have been doing sits in Spain and France but they weren’t all true THS. As I live in Javea Spain I am willing to give you stories, only my writing isn’t that good. So if an interview is an option, maybe I can help you with a beginners point of view. Please reach out if it’s of any interest.


Thank you @Lieve and really don’t ever be concerned about how you share your THS stories, we have amazing staff writers who can help so that the story is all yours but with a little expert crafting help … which we all need from time to time.

I will Direct Message you.

I’d also like o take this opportunity to thank everyone who has responded … we love sharing in our member’s pet sitting lifestyles.

Thank you again, safe and happy travels


@SandC @AnnMarie not according to THS on this occasion :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Anywhere.Local @SandC @AnnMarie … thanks for your geographical help!!