Are You A Spanish Speaking Member?

Hi Community members …

We are urgently looking for Spanish speaking members, sitters and pet parents/owners for an exciting media opportunity which is happening soon, VERY soon!!

You will currently be based in Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona. However If you are out of country and have actively sat in Spain then we would like to hear from you, SOON!!

We also need to hear from Spanish speaking pet parents/owners who are resident in any of the three cities listed and who’ve engaged sitters to care for their pets and homes in Spain.

Important you do not have to be Spanish but you need to be a fluent Spanish speaker and available for an interview this Friday, September 1st. either in person or via video link.

Please Direct Message me if you would like more information …

Thank You!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I speak Spanish but don’t fit the rest of the criteria. However, I’m very excited about this as presume you’re promoting THS in Spain, and hopefully not just the 3 cities mentioned but they’re a good start :wink: Good luck!


Also, speak Spanish but don’t reside in Spain. I have friends that just moved to Barcelona, though and might be getting a dog soon, so I’ll make sure to share the piece once it’s published!

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How interesting. I’m attending a Spanish language program while on a long term sit in Madrid, following sits in Valencia and Altea - but hardly fluent. Maybe next time!

@Smiley @wendy_chicago @jcvbva thank you so much for your comments/responses and we’ve had more via Direct Message. We are still looking for pet parent/owners for this project.

The very best way to tell the TrustedHousesitters story and share the lifestyle is through our members whose storytelling is true, authentic and inspires other pet lovers to join as sitters or pet parent/owners.

We are always looking for members to share their unique and personal stories so please contact me directly, message our Membership Services Team or email

Thanks again everyone


Hello! @Angela_L
I’m a Spanish speaking member and sitter, been doing this for almost 2 years now. I meet all the criteria mentioned so I just DMed you!