As a sitter what’s your top three things that make you love to sit?

Mine are:

  1. It’s a “catalyst” for travel :compass:
  2. The adventure of the unknown (but after a bit of due diligence)
  3. Meeting the pets and being amazed by their different personalities

And you?


Ours are basically the same.

  1. Exploring different places in the world. Many we would have never visited without a pet sit in that location.
  2. Meeting the awesome pets and developing friendships with people throughout the world.
  3. The uniqueness of each sit with the homes, the neighborhoods, the town/cities they are in and handling all that comes with the sit and the travel.

Can’t say fairer than those 3 things, in no particular order :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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  • Experiencing places more as a local than as a tourist.

  • Having the company of pets that are different from my beloved rescue dog, who has special needs and can’t integrate or socialize like other pets. That’s been hugely rewarding. (My husband doesn’t enjoy travel anywhere as much as I do and he stays home with our dog.)

  • Seeing how other people live and experiencing slices of that. Also, I’ve long daydreamed about living in the U.K. Having experienced different cities and lifestyles here via sits (I’m on one now), I have a much better sense of what and where I’d choose. I work remotely, so have flex. I’ve been recruited by a U.K. company before and passed. I’m now being recruited by another one and U.K. sits have made that much more tempting.

  1. Being able to walk from the home to grocery stores & restaurants
  2. Nearby hiking/walking trails
  3. Having a dog to join us for walks/hikes
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