Barking Mad TV

A brand new TV channel has been created specifically for dogs and their owners is coming to the UK.

DogTV will air scientifically tested programming 24/7 which aims to alleviate symptoms from conditions in our canine friends, such as separation anxiety, loneliness and stress.

The service, which will also have shows designed to help owners better understand and look after their pets, launches on November 8.

DogTV has been developed following research into animals’ physiological and psychological needs, moods and responses to audio and visual stimuli to help them feel more stimulated, relaxed or help them to sleep.

No need for parental control … now you can leave the TV and not have to worry what the “kids” are watching … Cat TV coming soon?


This is interesting as we’ve been to so many sits where owners have asked us to leave the radio on or the TV for the pets if we are out. So much it’s one of our questions at handovers. Is this something others have found also?

If a house doesn’t have Alexa, I hook up mine and often put on children’s music for the dogs when I go out – Best of Elmo or relaxing music for dogs. Ballet music is good too.
I sometimes put myself in the dog’s place and think the dogs might not want to hear non-stop music for hours, so I usually put on something that lasts less than 2 hours.

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That’s great news! I’ll look forward to trying to watch it if TVs permit. Thanks Angela :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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