Beach walk with Nelli

We are looking after Nelli in Ra’Anana a suburb of Tel Aviv, she gets us up early every morning, I mean early 5:30, for a bit of frisbee fun. After an hour on the beach she is quite happy to lie around until the late afternoon when it cools off.

I hope these images post.


Wow … thanks for the share. Those are such fantastic early morning action shots! No wonder she’s tired!

It must be so lovely on the beach at that time … I love the quiet calm start of a day on the beach. Very special. Enjoy your time there.


Those ears! What breed is she? Must admit I’d hate getting up so early but once up it must be great! You can go back & snooze too :smiley:


She is a Vizsla. Ears like Dumbo.


@KeithD fabulous photos! … and it looks like Nelli is having oodles of fun :dog::heart:

She is so cute and how you captured is these pics is amazing!

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Not as high of a jump but I found this one

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Cute as can be!