Because I love My Life

Greetings from Minnesota, USA (again, I will be here a long time)!
I am just sharing my joy and happiness that’s all.
Got some tunes going on and have been enjoying the sun, the wind and the lake whilst I pedal…
Cats think I’m crazy. I’m ok with that, the birds are with me
Who else is loving life today?


@Amparo Hey that looks really nice! Are you kayaking…paddleboarding? Its nice to be in a place where there are lots of wildlife thats for sure…a coffee and some music on that outside deck in nice cat company is a good day in my book!

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What lovely images @Amparo, especially kitty and the hummingbird … and the view from your exercise bike is beautiful one that you will never tire of I’m sure, unlike the peddling:))

Thank you for sharing why you “Love Your Life” :heart_eyes:

I do enjoy kayaking but no kayak on board and though the owner said “do what you wish in the garden” it’s going to take a bit to get to the lake!

Giving it a go though! :laughing:


@Amparo good luck with that…put a rope around your ankle so you can find your way back to the house! Its a good workout thats for sure!

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Sunday Bliss

Just a touch please


Looks like a great place to be! Are there any kayak or paddleboard rentals at the lake?

Purrfect :heart_eyes_cat: