Being REALLY you on the forum

I have read this thread with interest as - dear reader - I am that the homeowner who invited Cutttlefish :slight_smile:
Of course I was sad they couldn’t look after my Lab girl, but their very gracious refusal took all the sting out of my disappointment.
I always love reading your comments too and seeing your adventures (MeetUp pictures). As an aside…If a long Christmas break in Europe sounds appealing, let me know and I will contact you on the main site :slight_smile:


And there she is, that lovely lady HO @KateY :raised_hands:t3::heart:

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick note from me, to say this is a very interesting topic which many members have enjoyed engaging with.

I don’t want to stop the flow of the discussion but due to a few flagged comments, this is a polite reminder of the Kindness Guidelines when engaging with other forum members.

Opposing opinions are very welcome, but being unkind when others are expressing their opinions just because they are different from your own is not what the forum is all about.

Thank you and I hope that this interesting topic continues :star_struck:

Edit: Out of respect to the OP and those who have contributed to the topic please keep on the topic of ‘Being REALLY you on the forum’. Feel free to open new topics about something else. Thank you!


How do HOs know who you are on the forum as most of us use different monikers?


Some of us have a link to our THS profile in our forum profile.

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If someone wants to reach you, they don’t necessarily need to know who you are, because you can direct msg people via the forum.

Personally, I used to link my profile, but I got oddball msgs, including for example someone asking me to help their grown son find work.

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Were new to this and are looking for a sitter foe our house in July

We’ve invited people who’s reference are great

Unfortunately no one available as yet

We’re still hopeful :smiling_face:

The comments help

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Wise words Maggie!:heart:

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