Ben's Running For Alzheimer's Research - London Marathon April 23rd!

Our Product Manager Ben is on a quest to get fit and raise money for Alzheimers Research :man_running: :man_running: :man_running:

"Last November I decided to get fit and to start running initially by doing couch to 5k and have not stopped running since.

I have chosen to raise funds for Alzheimers Research as all of us have relatives, friends or close family members who will be impacted by dementia.

I ran my first official half marathon and a PB 1:27:38.

I ran my first full marathon (Moyleman Marathon) 3:56:20 (17th place :grin:) - 12th March

Then I have my final one, London Marathon on 23rd April and will be aiming for under 3:30"

Thank you for everyone who has sponsored me, nearly hit my target of £1k for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Here is link for anyone who would still like to donate. - Ben :man_running: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you would like to donate please visit Ben Cottrell is fundraising for Alzheimer's Research UK


Well done @Ben-ProductManager

@Ben-ProductManager Go, Ben!! :man_running: :medal_sports: and inspiration to start my couch to 5k again :blush:

Fabulous! Well done @Ben-ProductManager :clap:t2:

“Couch to Marathon in 18 months” … Today is the day!! :star: :star: :star:

Sending huge Good Luck wishes to our own @Ben-ProductManager who is running in the London Marathon today!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
We’ll be with you every kilometer of the way!!!


Good luck for today @Ben-ProductManager :clap:t2:

How did it go @Ben-ProductManager? Did you manage your 3:30? You are an inspiration. We are into our 4th week of ‘couch to 3k’ :upside_down_face:


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the support. :pray:

I completed the marathon in 3:12:13 :running_man:
Body hurts today :laughing:

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me. I have raised £1478 for Alzheimer’s Research UK :smiley:



@Ben-ProductManager Fabulous! Well done :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Well done @Ben-ProductManager! You’re an inspiration to us all.


3.12 is an amazing time for a marathon! Congratulations. I know the feeling of being a happy cripple for a few days after a race!


Yay, @Ben-ProductManager , This is so awesome of you!

I am now serving with the Executive Leadership Team for the 2023 Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s event in my town. I was approached by a friend who has taken up this cause. He has a good friend who has early-onset Alzheimer’s and I think this was enough of a shock to spur him into action. I lost my aunt to it and I have a friend whose sister developed early-onset Alzheimer’s in her 50’s. I know many others who are dealing with it now or have dealt with it in the past. This is such an important cause, this disease could strike any of us or our loved ones and effective treatments are now on the horizon!


Way to go @Ben-ProductManager! This is quite an accomplishment!


@Ben-ProductManager my dad was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers at 58 and died 12 years later after spending many years in a second childhood. Bless you for raising funds for such a worthy cause.


Congratulations @Ben-ProductManager :clap::clap::clap: I remember how much my body hurt after my first marathon, hope you have a fast recovery. Thank you for raising money for such a good cause. :green_heart:


Congratulations, @Ben-ProductManager!

@Julie_A: I remember how much my body hurt after my first time just hearing that people ran marathons.

#someday-I’ll-get-proper-cardio :joy:

@geoff.hom love this! :rofl::rofl:

Hahahahha @geoff.hom thanks for the laugh :rofl: