Best loved landmarks in the world

It’s often said that we take for granted what’s in our own back yard. Given I live in Niagara Falls, Canada - recently rated the best-loved landmark in the world - I can agree with that.

I thought I’d share the list with everyone, purely for interest sake. I was surprised at the cost of accessing the Empire State Building and the London Eye, but given I’ve never been to either of them, I can’t really judge whether the cost is warranted.

I also only knew of Bounce as a fabric softener sheet. Who knew there was a service to help people find and book places to store their baggage? Not me, that’s for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing this @Snowbird. As someone from the US but who travels a lot, the first list looks a little skewed towards my home country IMHO. I’d be interested in learning which landmarks are most beloved by our members. Do we as a community agree with this list?

A service you can use in 1,000 places to store your luggage? That’s genius. I’ve added them to my “handy travel resources” list. Thanks @Snowbird.

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@Karen-Moderator I’m surprised that the London Eye is the highest placed for the UK, placing above other London Landmarks like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben. Not to mention other famous UK landmarks like Stonehenge. The London Eye would not be my first choice - it’s just a big wheel like many others!

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Agreed! I wonder who was part of the survey?! :rofl: