Blind Reviews

I am sure this has come up before - but I want to post it for myself. A major hesitation for delaying joining THS is the review process. Should be blind. I have 2 other couple friends that are retired and ready to travel that won’t join because they feel like the platform lacks integrity because of the review process. So…


@HelloOutThere I can understand your frustration but I have never experienced the issue of a review causing a problem. I may just be lucky but I think it would only be a handful of members who would change what they say in a review based on what feedback they received.

I would change what I’ve said, or not said in a couple of reviews. I genuinely hate that I have lied by omission.


@Debbie-L for many sitters it’s more about the fear of retaliation if they provide any negative home owner feedback. So as @Pips says alot gets omitted which skews the reality and doesn’t help future sitters or change the home owner behaviour for more positive sit experiences.


Thanks for the reply @Debbie-L but I don’t see how your reply provides a reason for keeping reviews unblinded. I think that THS doesn’t exist without HO’s willing to open their homes up in this manner and so it seems that unblind reviews protect the business model via the HO’s and sitters make the best of it so they can have affordable worldwide travel. I truly appreciate the experience that THS has to offer both HO’s & sitters, or I would not have invested in a combined membership (and the time spent in making a quality listing & profile - whew). I will not hesitate to fair minded in my reviews, as my wife and I don’t necessarily need “affordable” travel and we have options for pet care, so if we get “unfair” reviews because we are “honest” in our reviews of HO’s and that seems to inhibit our sit offerings, - that’s ok; we would just not renew membership. Blind reviews offer integrity to the platform.


This most certainly has been discussed on the forum ad infinitum and if you put ‘reviews’ in the search spying glass you’ll get lots. THS is supposed to be looking at changing the review system to, hopefully, a blind review system and has been their top priority for months……we wait and see, but I understand it’s not an easy thing to change


Online chat with an agent said this:
“Thank you for your patience and email. I am pleased to inform you that our blind reviews are just about ready to be released, hopefully, we will see it in the next coming weeks.”