Can declined applicants re-apply?

Can a declined applicant re-apply, either on their own or at the behest of the HO? There are applicants that aren’t ideal sitters for my situation (because they’d bring their own pets to the sit) but if push comes to shove I would accept them. I’m tempted to decline them so I can get other applicants that could be a better fit. However, if it’s not possible to circle back with them if no other applicants pan out, that could be problematic. Thanks for clarifying how this new 5 app limit feature works.

HI @pdxgal
Even if you decline an applicant who has messaged you and they have an inbox thread with you, they can still contact you at any point, and visa versa, even if you do not have dates.

I would suggest that you message the applicant first to explain that ideally you do not want a sitter’s pet brought in, so you will need to decline them to see if there are maybe other applicants who can help that do not have pets. If you are unsuccessful, you may then reconsider.

Good to know, thanks.

As a sitter I have wondered this too. And I know that I have sometimes been picked as a second or maybe a third choice!