Relisting my sit

After accepting a sitter a couple of weeks ago, and me constantly messaging them asking what’s happening, they finally let me know that they can’t do our sit. I should have realised earlier that there was a problem.

So, back to the drawing board. Is it acceptable to contact the other applicants that I liked the look of but who I rejected ?

Thanks all xx

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Aagghh the first five rule may have struck again! :japanese_ogre:


Yes, certainly. This is how I got a sit once (in Basel), when they asked if I was still available.

But I have read on this forum that some sitters would not take such a sit. That does not matter.

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@Spitimou - Yes of course you can contact them , keep in mind they may now be booked up - but if I was in your position I would explain that we liked your application / profile but could only pick one sitter . Unfortunately the first sitters we picked are no longer able to do the sit . Are you still interested in house and pet sitting for us ?

However , I would suggest only contact one at a time as if you invite several and then have to decline some of them for a second time , you probably won’t be too popular!!


Hi @Spitimou, that’s so disappointing for you. Did they cancel for extraordinary reasons ? If not you need to report them to
THS who hopefully will mark this against them.
Yes you can approach those you rejected. Did you provide a nice message when declining them? If not and it was me, I doubt I would be interested.
All the best in securing another sitter.

Hi @Spitimou after you confirmed the sitter - did they also confirm by clicking “agree to sit” - did it appear in your dashboard ?

If not , this wasn’t a confirmed sit - either way the sitter should have informed you that they weren’t able to sit asap.

I suggest owners consider applicants not selected as “declined” or “not selected this time” or “runners up” rather than “rejected” (unless you truly didn’t like them). This could help owners and sitters form a good relationship even if not selected the first time … we get so many stellar applicants on our sit listings that choice is often difficult … several “runners up” have gone on to sit for us at a later date… I think our efforts to connect kindly with all the applicants has helped us in that regard. Just a thought…


THS does care, they will give you some standard answer. They are not going to “mark” anything against them. All they’ll want to know is if you had insurance.

Having had personal experience in relation to this @trekker954 I do know where a sitter has had a flag put against their name.

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I know this is a very late reply to your question but perhaps someone else will see this and it will help. Yes, please contact the next person who expressed interest in your sit that you liked. And the one after that, and the one after that. If you had multiple acceptable applicants, don’t deny them the possibility of the sit. The sit that I’m on right now was one that I was the “runner up” on. The first person didn’t work out for some reason. And, for this stay, it happened exactly as it was meant to. The family and I really get on. They invited me to stay the night before (saving me the cost of a hotel room) in exchange for driving them, in their vehicle, to the airport bus the next morning. Their pup is precious and the home is comfortable and full of love. I wouldn’t be here if they’d simply relisted their stay. :slight_smile:


Absolutely, contact them ASAP. You can invite them privately. Meantime, relist so it’s new and fresh. Most sitters don’t take not getting a sit personally!