Can I ask THO a question before apply for a sit?

Hi, there is a sit that I like the look of but cannot see anywhere to ask the home owner a question. Do I have to apply for the sit to ask the question and then decline if needed?
thanks - still learning! :slight_smile:

Hi @Lily … thank you for asking the question and we never stop learning.

If the sit is current and taking applications then you will need to go through the application process to ask your question.

Hi Angela, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve just gone to do that but it’s no longer there. Live and learn eh! thanks again :slight_smile:

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You will know next time … :slight_smile:

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As Angela said, you do have to apply. But remember that your application is just an expression of interest. You and the home owners will both likely have questions for one another before you agree to a sit. There’s no obligation to accept a sit if the answers to your questions don’t suit you.

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Excellent point @Kelownagurl thank you for helping explain for @Lily