Can I correct a spelling mistake in an application to house sit

In my rush to apply for a sit this morning (which I REALLY, REALLY want!), I typed ‘gun dogs’ instead of ‘fun dogs’ (talking about labradoodles).
I read and re-read my application before pressing ‘send’ but I have made this awful ‘faux pas’.
Is there any way of correcting this? The application has not yet been read as it’s for a different time zone to the UK.

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Why not just send them a message apologising for your error saying you hit the wrong key and just didn’t pick the error up despite proofreading it @LTD? I’m sure they’ll understand.

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Yes I could do, I just don’t want to sound desperate (although I am, for this sit in this particular area)!
But IS there a way of correcting sp errors?

I don’t think so. I don’t think you’d sound desperate. If I was the owner I would appreciate you recognising your mistake and you’ve quickly acknowledged it.

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I’ve added a message about my sp error!

I’ve addressed my messages to the wrong person before! Just a quick follow up explaining your error is all that is needed :slight_smile:

No way to make a correction. Sending an application is like sending an email. Once you hit send, it’s gone.

I’ve also made small errors and simply quickly follow up with an apology.

Why is it, when you proof read something a million times and everything seems perfect, once you send it you catch a glaring error?

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I know the frustration of this as I spelt a HO’s name incorrectly, missed out an ‘extra’ L. I was annoyed at myself but just sent another short email apologising.