Cancelled sit by HO

Hi All. Have looked for answers in topics but nothing clear.
A HO has cancelled a sit for later in year. I did receive a message through THS explaining reason from them and hopefully sit another time. However, its still showing as an application from my end and that HO reviewing applications. I assume I need click Cancel button. Is this correct please? Not had a sit cancelled before.

An HO has to cancel a sit from their end. Sitters can’t cancel so you need to ask them to do that. Hope you find another one :+1:

Hi @Sarah22

I am so sorry that your sit was cancelled.

I would suggest that you ask the HO to cancel it from their side, and if they are having problems doing this, they can reach out to for help. This will then take it off your dashboard.

Thank you both. I’ve sent a message so hopefully it will be sorted.