Can't wait to pet sit Llamas or Alpacas! :-)

I see pet sits for Llamas & Alpacas sometimes & am very much looking for to looking after some of them @ some point!!

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Does anyone have much experience looking after them & what they are like!?

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We looked after 2 llamas this year in France and they were very easy to care for. The two we sat for were older so quite calm, and they had stabling. We fed them once a day in their individual stables, gave fresh water and changed their hay bales every 2-3 days. They didn’t pee or po#p in their stables (I think this is general), always outside and in one particular area, which makes it very easy and less messy for cleaning.

They were quite timid and don’t like lots of noise or sharp movements. Lots of people thought they would spit at us but we were assured this rarely happens, and is usually if you try and stay around their space while eating as they can be competitive and protective of their food. We had no problems, and after a week they’d follow us up the field, take food from our hands… but we were always very calm and quiet around them. They have a calming effect I found!

We’d happily look after them again!!


Not yet! But who knows what lies ahead… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Stand in the queue please.

It’s one of my dreams.


Yes, I’ve had two experiences of looking after alpacas. The first in New Zealand - 23 alpacas (as well as two dogs and 3 cats) two years ago and more recently 8 alpacas near Canterbury. They’re very easy to look after and are just adorable and fun to watch. Good luck!



Here is your chance to pet sit Llamas in Pilot Hill, California, in March 2022: