Captions not showing in HO listing?

When I edit my homeowner listing, it provides a space for captions, but when I view it, I don’t see any captions. How do I make my captions show?

Hi @Val, I find the captions can only be read on the THS app and not on the computer. This could be something @Ben-Product could explain.


Same as sitter, i just added photos and provided interesting captions but don’t see them.
I’ll try getting the app as suggested

@temba @Dilarm @Val
I am only on the sitter side and always wondered why I couldn’t see the captions that go with my photos. It would be good to be able to see them if using the computer. My captions add a touch of humour and if the HO is on the computer rather than the app then they won’t see my humour.


agreed, captions are always useful but not if they don’t show!

Yes, mine is the same - laptop vs phone - for captions.

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