Car Rental Antalya-Turkey Airport / Recommendations

We are sitting in Turkey from 29th September till 8th November and are looking for car rental from Antalya airport.
In this labyrinth, we try to find an affordable and reliable company.
Does anyone has some recommendations please?

@Cuttlefish aren’t you guys from Turkey?

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No, we are not …

Hi @botvot yes we are, well remembered! Hello @ReinhildeD - they meant us :wave:t3: We used to live in Antalya province but always had our own car or used buses or transfer taxis. I’d start with a search of and see what’s on there (Hertz & Avis both look well priced). Use an international not a local hire car service, more reliable. Also, join the local Antalya expat FB group and ask the same question and they’ll have up to date info (we’re sitting in Sri Lanka right now) Hope that helps - shout if you have any other Turkey :tr: questions, happy to help. Where are you headed to for your sit?


The man I rented from was honest

I should mention that I was a single female, and I felt very comfortable driving and camping solo. Great country. You will have so much fun. I also did a pet sit there near Fethiye. I was really glad I had a car. It is def the way to go!

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Hi. I can offer some advice. I was in Turkey last year for three months and I think I can help.

Picking up a car at the airport from the national chains is by far the most expensive option. The city of Antalya is full of car rental places and I walked around the city, and walked in and spoke to the car rental places in person, looked at the cars, and paid cash.
I also rented a camper van while I was there for 3 weeks and that was by far well worth the price, and I highly recommend it.

There are a few things to keep in mind. If you plan to travel a lot, most car rental companies will not let you leave the province. Some do not allow pets in the car. the buses are very inexpensive but require a high level of patience. In Antalya I found rentals to be around 20-25 euro a day. I also stayed at a Rock Climbing camp and they offered a daily car for 10 Euro a day. I stayed there for the first week (my cabin was 20 Euro a day), then I used the car one day to go into Antalya and find my car rental, and do errands. The camper I rented was so cool and I think I only paid 50 euro a day and camped all over the country for free.


The cheapest solution will probably be local. But be aware that you will need to read every letter of the contract, as a lot of insurances might not be included or might have a high franchise. If you want a good deal but every insurance/problem covered, then go for the known leisure travel groups or specialized car brokers in Europe as they will have the best all-in prices:,, for example.

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We have expat friends who live in Turkey as residents. 7 years after a collision, they are still being pursued for “blood money” for something that wasn’t their fault. :100: please read the insurance & rental small print in my homeland :pray:t3: Good advice @markhellemans

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