Changing review process

Hi Community,
We talked about this in the past but I am curious to know if there will be modifications to the review process. This review process lacks neutrality, sitters don’t say everything because they fear to have a bad review. We should only see reviews when both parties submit a review. The couchsurfing review process is a good inspiration for this app to guarantee authentic feedbacks.

Thank you


Agreed. As an ex airbnb Superhost the double blind review system, while not perfect worked very well.


It was top priority for THS in 2021, and a few months ago I had a message from one of the staff who shall be nameless saying the new review process was imminent……We’re still waiting but I understand it’s complicated.

It was not too complicated for the small volunteer organization Trustroots, so it is a bit of a mystery why a multi-million company like THS cannot do this. All that the production “team” does is some tinkering with the frontend, like making “pet centered” sitter profiles.

I suspect that the reason is that THS has serious problems with the code of its backend. I suspect that it is a bit of an insuffiently documented mess, that the original programmer is gone, and that everybody else is too afraid to touch it. And that the owners of the company are too greedy and too shortsighted to invest in a complete overhaul.