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I just read a few old posts, and suggestions about improvements which seem not to have been followed so far

Ben himself wrote THS was thinking about blind reviews, in … april 2021


This was around the time I joined THS and this forum and have to admit at the time I believed that a blind review system was on the verge of going live - My rather gullible thinking at the time was why would THS not want a blind review system? everyone can see that the current system is deeply flawed and not fit for purpose.

Fast forward to today and it now seems obvious to me that THS will never introduce a blind review system, and almost certainly never had any intention of doing so. They seem to think a site full of five-star reviews is fantastic for the company image, and the current system guarantees that no one ever leaves less than a five-star review for fear of retaliation. But the truth ( and for the life of me I can not understand why THS can not see this) is that nothing looks dodgier than a review system that only has amazing reviews - it is literally not possible to please all the people all the time - an honest and transparent review system HAS to have a balanced selection of 1,2,3,4 and 5-star reviews - for as long as THS insist on sticking to the current review system it will always remain laughable and have no credibility whatsoever, Unfortunately, all it does is shine a light of doubt over the vast majority of 5-star reviews that are written and that sitters have worked hard to achieve.

THS also have thought of a very clever (or dodgy depending on which way you look at it) way to skew the trust pilot reviews in their favour. They ask sitters and home hosts to leave a trust pilot review after they have left their 5-star review on the THS site following the completion of a sit. In doing this they are guaranteeing a vast majority of 5-star reviews on trust pilot for the THS company - but the truth is that all the 5-star trust pilot reviews are not for the company at all - in reality, they are being given to, and aimed solely at sitters and home hosts.

I still love THS. I love the concept. I love the experiences. Even with the much-hated five-application limit, it is still by far the best platform in terms of quantity of membership fee value vs sitting opportunities but without a shadow of a doubt, the review system stinks.

My prediction is that the current THS review system will never change - but I would love to be proved wrong…


@Colin Totally agree with you and also with the quote below. However I wonder for how long they will remain the best value with the most options. Nomador, to name just one, is massively expanding, and a lot cheaper.This said, their review system isn’t the best either :grinning:


I have brought the Trust Pilot review confusion to the attention of the team and had a reply that it would be looked into. I’d be devastated if my hard earned review/feedback was left there instead of my profile.
Perhaps a moderator is available to provide an update? @Therese-Moderator

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This really bothers me. TrustPilot reviews should be for the company, not individual sits. It’s extremely misleading. TH shouldn’t be doing it, TrustPilot shouldn’t be allowing it either.

I’m with you @Colin in that I still love TH, the concept and the experiences I’ve had. It’s a lot less fun for me since the 5 application limit as every sit I get notified about is already gone by the time I get the notification, but I still like it. However, this kind of stuff does takes the “trust” out of the equation - for both TH and TrustPilot.


I sure did, not heard anything though. Hopefully it will soon be corrected.

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Hi @Daisy999 I will pick this up as @Therese-Moderator has gone offline for the day.

This is a matter for the Membership Services Team If you have already contacted the team they will look into it and reply directly to you via email. I will forward your message on as this isn’t something the Forum Team can help with

Update: I have checked @Daisy999 and your question & concerns have been forwarded to the applicable team by @Therese-Moderator

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Afternoon Angela, I did have a quick response and have given my feedback, so I’m sure it’s all in hand. :grin:

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