Charlotte College student looking for monthy house sitting

Hi, my daughter goes to Queen College as a sophomore. She is searching for monthly or long stays as a house sitter in Charlotte, NC while she goes to Queens University this fall and spring semester.
She loves pets, children, elders and families, She has Nannie, pet sit and house sit for the past 2 years. Sarah has also been an in-home assisted to a doctor in Goldsboro, NC. She is well-organized and loves to help others. Furthermore, she does have a working dog who is well-behaved, and has been train for her.

Is she a member of Ths ? Then she could try to find a sit in Charlotte may be, making à research on owners living in that town? She will have more choice than among us, members of the forum… who live in very different countries of the world…

Hi @SarahMarie welcome to our community forum and for the introduction to your daughter, who sounds delightful and has the experience and obvious love for pets that owners look for.

You did include her contact details in your post which we have deleted, this is an open and public forum and for security and privacy we don’t advise/allow the sharing of personal information.

We have an age limit of 21 on the site and if Sarah is eligible then she should join TrustedHousesitters create a profile, complete the verification steps and upload references once she has done this she can apply for sits in Charlotte and other locations, which suit her abilities and experience.

This article from our site will help explain just how it all works for sitters on the site

Thank you again and if Sarah needs any help and support she can join the forum and connect with our members, both new and experienced and her questions.

Angela and the Team