Hi from Scotland

Our names are Chic and Elaine, we are new to house sitters as well as forums…agh!!! Don’t know what I’m doing. We live in North East Scotland between Dundee & St Andrews & Edinburgh. We have 2 Maine Coon girls 9 years old. So loving and friendly, but are not used to dogs . We love to travel and have been lucky to have had a friend who cat sit for us but unfortunately cannot do it now. So, a friend recommended this to us and here we are. Our girls have no medical issues although Mimi may get allergies in summer due to harvest mites, she will need meds but she takes them no problem We would love to welcome a cat sitter into our home while we are on holiday. We are looking for sitters in May and in August - September


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I absolutely love Maine Coons, I used to have two myself, a boy and a girl, they are such characters! Do you have any photos that you could share of them on here? :camera::cat::blush:

Hello @LaineyH. Welcome to our community. We’re so glad you’ve joined us and introduced yourself. I have a Maine Coon grand-kitty, and I agree, they are a loving and friendly breed. Do you have up-coming holiday plans?

Fantastic cats, so beautiful and feisty and personable. My friend on Maui raised them and there is nothing better than a lot of Maine Coon kittens! I am moving to Scotland, and look forward to what unfolds. Are they friendly with dogs? I have one with me always, and am happy to sit for your home and cats in Scotland, sometime.

My absolute favorite breed of cat, I use to have sibling Maine Coons that have since crossed the rainbow bridge. Scotland is a country I want to return to, I spent time on Skye and Mull in 2016. I’ve yet to do an international sit yet intending to late fall/ early winter 2023/4.


Hi, they are a wonderful breed. Unfortunately my 2 don’t like dogs which is a shame. You will love Scotland. Its a beautiful country. what part of it are you moving to.

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Hi Karen, thanks for replying and glad to be part of this. We got our girls 9 years ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer and after having no pets for 15 years decided it was time again. They were my therapy cats. They looked after me so well.
This is all new to us so hope we don’t make too many mistakes …

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You will love the mainland, if you are coming over and have time you must visit Orkney. A very spiritual place. Not religious spirit but in the feel of the land.


Our girls are twins, although they used to be best friends, slept and ate together we are lucky now if they even sit on same couch with each other…


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Ok, thanks for heads up

Hello and welcome! I’m looking for a sit in Scotland for June. Shame! I’m sure you’ll find fantastic sitters here, though. :blush:

I loved Orkney, so I stayed all over Orkney, for 4 months in 2016. I was taken to visit many isles with hosts I found by asking on Facebook for a private room and loo in exchange for my services; a list of services.

I had no idea Trusted Housesitters existed then, darn it. But, I have not seen any Orkney sits on TH, anyway. Now, I want to stay on Outer Hebrides to learn Gaelic, reclaim my ancestral language.

I was blessed to do some private housesitting on Orkney Mainland, and Rousay, a small island, 30-mins. ferry ride from Mainland Orkney,. I was busy: making dinner every night in exchange for a room, walking dogs, cleaning the house, organizing homes, caring for gardens, and did my family research at the Kirkwall Library Family Archives;
I found 33 generations of my family from Orkney mainland isle alone.

Amazing place, so pretty and calm and spacious.

how do I add the photos on here?

Next time hopefully

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Hi @LaineyH …. When you write on here you will see two small boxes in the bottom right under the text box.

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