Chester, Maisie and the cats say Hi

Hi, just registered and about to start looking for a lovely couple of house sitters for our extended family. We live in Hersham Village (next to Esher) and have 2 lovely older cats, a sprightly springer and an anxious rescue. Our rescue (Maisie) will be 5 weeks post op when we are looking to go on holiday so we’re looking for a couple who can handle all our little fur babies


Hi @Kate1972 and welcome! What an adorable bunch of pets you have!


Thanks Debbie, are you looking to possibly sit for that week. We have 3 boys aged 12, 12 and 10 so similar ages and they have a great bedroom and toy room if interested?

Hi @Kate1972 is your listing live on the website? I haven’t been able to find it.
Your forum post doesn’t say what dates you need a sitter for, so it would depend on the dates. We have a camping trip planned and a short sit booked (in Surrey) this summer. With boys of similar ages, it could work really well. Are your older boys twins? Coincidentally we’ve done 2 recent sits for families with twins!

Hi @Kate1972 If you’d like to follow @Debbie’s suggestion, here are the instructions on how to add your listing to your forum username/profile.

Oh, that’s a shame, we have a camping trip starting on 28th July so we wouldn’t be able to sit that week. I’ll keep an eye out for when your listing goes live though. If I add it to my favourites then we may be able to sit for you another time.

Hi. As a reminder, please don’t promote your listing or your sitter profile on the community forum. The TrustedHousesitters main website really is the best place to advertise your house sit listing or your availability as a sitter to get maximum exposure, keep your messaging in one place, and make sure all the procedures and guidelines on the website are followed.

If you want to learn more about a homeowner’s listing or a pet sitter you can click the link in their forum profile that goes to their main website page. Here’s how to add a listing or profile link to your forum profile.

You can also send them a DM to learn more about their pet sitter needs or pet sitting background.

Thank you for understanding.

Karen E and the Forum Team

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