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Mods–please clarify as there is conflicting information on ability for someone to change their review. While the policy states once the review is written it is permanent and cannot be changed, there is another thread asking about changing erroneous errors like forgetting to fill in the star ratings. The person has to appeal to support to make the change due to error. if either the homeowner can ask or TH reaching out to the HO can lobby to change a rating.

In my case, the conversation has become contentious off the site, via email, and the HO is not willing to change their rating after we negotiated it, but they are willing “if I want” to add an explanation, which I do NOT want because the prior good review will be changed reflected on our relationship going south during the email exchange. I want to make sure they are not allowed to do this.

The review system is just a rabbit hole of problems. I responded to support that I wanted NO CHANGES because if they do, it will be worse for me.

Please, again, I appeal to TH to change their review system and make it blind.


@tortimom When an owner approaches THS and asks for correction in that they merely clicked the wrong number of stars and it did not accurately reflect the review or the rating they intended, that is an honest mistake on the part of the owner. There is no contention involved. In that case, membership services will clarify that with the owner and make the correction.

A scenario where there are contentious issues is entirely different. In that case, membership services is available to assist those involved. I will tag @Angela-HeadOfCommunity, who will be online later today and will continue this conversation with you by direct message, to respect everyone’s privacy.

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But can you confirm that they cannot change the wording of the review itself?


Hi @tortimom I will Direct Message you so that there is full clarity and as @Snowbird says to protect everyone’s privacy.

Another point @Snowbird has been completely clear and accurate on …

When a simple human error has happened such as an owner missing the star ratings or giving an incorrect number of stars and the members concerned raise the issue in the official way ie an owner directly requests the change, which will be obvious when a glowing review shows a low star rating, we will correct the mistake … Rest assured no changes to star ratings is ever done without the explicit instructions and agreement of the member who wrote and provided the review.

Other issues with reviews or feedback are handled by the Membership Services Team and not open to discussion on the forum for many reasons, not least of all to protect the privacy of those involved.

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