Coloured dots below topics - what do they mean?

Well, what do they mean? There are red, blue, orange, purple dots… without any explanation what the colour is supposed to tell the onlooker.

You’ll see that they indicate categories. A red dot is ‘Our General Space’ a light blue dot is ‘Help, Website & Forum Support’ etc. you have to pick a category when you start a new post

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Hello @Romana … as @Smiley indicates, the coloured dots serve to identify different categories - so the text beside isn’t the topic, it’s the category the topic is in.

You’ll see this more clearly on the forum home page, but also if you click on the “hamburger” menu (top right of screen), as shown in screenshot below, you can clearly see the category names beside the colour.

Within DIscourse we only have 3 options available… coloured dots, bars or blocks and the dot is by far the visually most pleasing :slight_smile:

Hope that helps explain, All the best, Vanessa

Okay, thanks! So, the dots are not really important… I originally thought they would indicate importance or popularity. :slight_smile:

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