Communication and Cancellations

We have been on THS since 2018, first as HO and now as sitters. Our very first sitters were horrible and called us less than a week in to ask us to come back because it was too hot outside and they found it difficult. I wish I was kidding. We were 5000 miles away and could not come back. We managed to find replacements and they were incredibly wonderful, so much so that they sat for us two more times.

Recently I read a post from a sitter with paid for, non refundable airline tickets and a sit that was canceled two weeks before it was due to start because the HO had her “regular” sitter available.

This is a two way street. We are all real people, with real expectations and considerations. It is terrible for someone to cancel whether HO or sitter for other than a serious personal issue (illness etc).

Having been on both sides of THS, I think we all need to be very aware of being considerate of each other’s time and energy and to treat each other with respect. I don’t think the problem is all HOs or sitters, certainly both sides have lovely people and some that have no consideration for others.


Here, here. I totally agree. The system only works if people honor the commitments they make (outside of medical emergencies).

I recently had a sitter cancel leaving me scrambling as it’s a mid-summer sit. It was a lot of work to find another one but I was determined because a HO was counting on me to keep my commitment to her. Honoring your word should come with the territory.


Unfortunately it does work both ways, we’ve just been cancelled today by a HO due on Saturday because one of their friends is getting a divorce…I’m not sure that meets the T&C’s but I wasn’t getting into an argument with them. We are now scrambling about trying to get another sit from the weekend and having applied for four today, one read straight away but no answer in ten hours, three haven’t even read the application. These are people that are allegedly going away at the weekend. I understand they may have a Plan B but it’s common courtesy to answer or remove the advert.


We feel your pain. We had a sit cancelled three days before it started yesterday and are now in a very expensive hotel (it’s Bayram/Eid in Turkey and the summer tourist season too!!) playing it out in the hope it all works. We have premium membership so hoping that makes all the difference :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:#keepyouposted