Complaint after a week and a half

What do you think of an owner wanting to complain a week and a half later after the sit, even though you were in town for 2 days after the sit? Furthermore, after a week and a half, you received a whatsapp message saying that he would like to send an email to me? Why don’t you just call and clarify it personally if you have something on your mind and why don’t you complain directly and only a week and a half later?

Then I replied he are welcome to call me or continue to write me via WhatsApp and I have not received an answer to this yet. Even there, if it is so important, then he answer at some point.

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I could not understand why, but are you sure that they want to complain about something? Why not complain in Whatsapp or in the THS message system in that case?

Maybe they want to send a bunch of pet pictures or something like that.

I would be curious.

I was thinking the same @Morpheus0077 - are you sure it’s a complaint that’s the issue? :thinking:

Likewise wondered whether there was some reason the follow-up would be negative. Maybe a HO who wants to stay in touch, repeat a sit or such?

There is no reason why the person should complain, but it just strikes me as odd why the person can’t just call me or text me via WhatsApp and want to contact me via email instead. He said Whatsapp is not the right place for the things I want to discuss. But we have been communicating via whatsapp or call all the time so far.

I might say I want to keep it on WhatsApp just for continuity. The request seems a little fishy.

Maybe they want to type something longer and prefer to type on a computer rather than a phone and short messages. Perhaps ask them to send it through the THS portal/messaging system, so that you have things there if (only if) it is some complaint.

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What do you mean with the request is a little fishy? Unfortunately I don’t speak English very well. I’m sorry.

I’ve been waiting since yesterday afternoon for an answer from him to my answer in whatsapp, that he can call me or contact me how always via whatsapp.

I am from a different generation, and for me a request to correspond by email is not fishy. Not even associated with official correspondence or with “work” or with “having a word”.

I remember the first email that I got when I was outside the country. That seemed a bit miraculous. I have kept the printout :slight_smile:

On the other hand, if somebody wanted to send a fax… that might feel a bit “legal”.

Suspicious. You already have a line of communication so why do they not want to continue using it but instead move to email. Or maybe it’s nothing. We will all want to know how it turns out. :laughing:

I always give HOs my email and phone number as soon as the sit is confirmed. And maybe it’s a generational thing, but I prefer email if I want to type something that’s more than a sentence or two.


Do you have a non-personal email, something you use when you know you are likely to get huge tranches of spam? Give him that & see what he does.

I’m always for direct communication, so either in person or by phone if it’s not possible in person.

If you have multiple email addresses you could always provide one that isn’t your “main” one if you are worried about providing that. That being said if you have responded via whatsapp and don’t hear anything further you could always just leave it at that. The ball is in their court to respond and give a reason for why whatsapp doesn’t work for whatever they want to tell you.

There are many occasions where text is preferable. It seems that you sense that the HO wants to tell you something. They may want to convey this in a carefully worded text. That is easier to do on a computer with a real keyboard, with an interface where it is easy to edit. And maybe they do not want THS to read it.

They may prefer writing to avoid an encounter where you might react defensively.

Or it is still just a bunch of pet pictures. I do not understand the problem. Let them send you an email.


There is no problem.
Only I do not like this writing back and forth. If someone wants to tell me something, you should just contact someone directly instead of writing. For example, if someone wants to complain, they write an email. Ok. Good you give rhe answer. The other one maybe don t like the answer or maybe you misunderstand each other? Then we discuss back and forth via email. What’s the point? Then direct contact is better. You can also send pet/pictures via whatsapp like you have been doing all along. And to TH. But I would like to be able to read the TH.

Maybe they are not good at direct talking, maybe they feel uncomfortable with a phone call.


I would tell them that I’d prefer the message to be on the THS messaging platform. That way, you have a record of the correspondence that THS can access if there is a conflict between you and the HO.


Why don’t you just call the HO?

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Echoing @Lassie
Tell them to send you a message on the THS site where you exchanged messages to arrange the sit. It’s much like sending email.