Confirmation wait time after phone call

How long would you wait after a phone call where the HO indicated they would like you to sit before getting a confirmation. (The sit starts in only 3 days). They emailed me a contract they would like signed. I told them I would sign it when I arrived at the sit. I nudged them about the THS confirmation 3 hours ago. I need to be in a certain location this weekend and there are several short-term sits that would work for me but do not want to apply to them without giving the first HO sufficient time.

I would be more concerned about this contract - what is that about? Seems like a red flag of paranoia


Yes that has me a little concerned as my previous sits have all been relaxed homeowners. The contract basically shows she is worried about people overstaying and then making sure no one else comes to the house.

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Hello @mam1996t we wouldn’t be signing a contract on top of both being THS members and would explain that to the HO. Additionally, if the sit starts in only 3 days then they need to confirm it today or for us, we would move on. It’s too tight a schedule and is messing you around. Probably best to choose an alternative with no red flags :triangular_flag_on_post: Poor comms & control issues don’t bode well. Good luck.


I’d avoid a sit like this. This HO smells like trouble. You can do better.


Something sounds off if the sit starts in 3 days but the HO hasn’t confirmed. I’d move on myself.


I would apply to those other sits , have a chat with them and if one is a fit for you , advise the HO that as they still haven’t confirmed the sit even after a prompt from you , you are withdrawing your application.


I would see a contract as a huge red flag. THS is supposed to be based on reciprocity not an employee / employer situation. Quite honestly if the trust isn’t there and the home owner is so worried they should seek a paid house sitter where all the contractual stuff would be formalised.


For me the lack of prompt communication would be the biggest concern . What would happen if there is an emergency with the pet or home during your sit. How will you contact them, what will you do if they don’t respond to messages ?


@mam1996t if you’re not confirmed in THS then withdraw your application and run away now and don’t look back. The contract is a huge red flag and then there is the poor communication.


Thanks everyone for confirming my gut feeling. I did cancel the application.


Sounds like the HO is waiting for you to sign their contract before formally agreeing the sit. I’d pass on that sit. Choose a simpler option!

Edit…just saw your last comment @mam1996t - but can’t remove mine above!
Anyway- well done- good decision!!


I agree with everyone else, and I would add that you should report to THS that these homeowners are requiring their own contract. I think that might be against THS rules.


THS used to recommend its own contract. It is still on the site somewhere.


@pietkuip - yes it is still there (all 16 pages) and new members may assume because it is there it is part of the process when confirming sitters.

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Can you point me to the website page with the contract please? I have searched in the website and in the Help section put in the search term “contract” and nothing comes up. I have not come across a home owner expecting this so am interested to see where it is and what the 16 pages cover should I ever be confronted with it.

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@LizBCN -

Here is the link :

I think it is also found on the Pet Owners dashboard

You can click the link to it from several articles ; like this one : House sitter guidelines for happy house sitting stays | which says

“We recommend that you also liaise with them to agree terms of a House Sitting Agreement Form which both parties can sign ([pdf]”(, [doc]”

Although there was a thread where it was also said

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Thank you for the pointer. I am pleased that it is not badged as a contract as I do think this would imply a totally different relationship between sitters and owners.


Oh goodness - this looks like a more detailed version of the Welcome Guide with all the contact info etc. Lots of duplication which could probably do with being stream-lined. Have many sitters actually been asked to sign such an agreement? I certainly haven’t and until today didn’t even know of its existence.


We’ve never been asked to sign one .

However as there are some TH articles that mention it as part of the process for a sit ; I’m not surprised that there are some home owners that have requested that their sitters signs it .

I imagine parts of it may be useful for example when the sitter has agreed to pay for utilities .